My state is lifting growing restrictions very very soon

Honestly I just got pictures sent to me he was just looking for help I don’t know all of that that’s why I haven’t started yet

I’d personally think they are salvageable but @KeystoneCops called out the questions that would need to be answered for the community to help.

Are these outdoors, looks like maybe some bug damage mixed in, possibly some watering problems, and at a minimum, knowing the soil would be helpful.

These questions may be easier to answer if your friend who started early is actually you… :wink:

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Nah I got some patience

I thought I did as well, until I didn’t.

Probably best to get he or she to make an account here as well. Fantastic community and this likely won’t be the only time a little assistance is needed through the grow. :metal:


Respect# I’ll let them know

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@KeystoneCops I’m going to get the food grade five gallon buckets and the promix what else do you suggest,I just seen your plant that was in like day 46 in flower.It’s about 15 days shy of being legal and I want to be fully prepared.

Are you going to use ionically available nutrients (Jack’s 321, GH, etc)?

A 5 gallon bucket is a lot of space for soilless mix. How big (square footage) will each plant be? Edit: even if you stick with that, it’s nice to have intermediate sizes so you can gradually step up to the 5 gallon.

So I’ll be running auto flowers. Which I said I’d be growing in 3 gallon fabric pots and you suggested the 5 gallon food grade buckets.I have the fox farms trio.As for the jacks nutrients you never specified which one so as of now I’m I’ll be running with the fox farm and cal mag.

Small misunderstanding there. I mentioned increasing container size to 5 gallon buckets in reference to soil. No problem. You already have the #3 fabric pots, right? That’s the right size for an auto using fertigation. Or you could fill the 5 gal buckets part way.

I may have originally missed that you’re growing autos. I definitely missed that detail today. It’s safer to place autoflowering seeds in their final container.

all good…what about the jacks?

FWIW I’m using Jack’s 3-2-1 presently for my Gelato Autoflower grow.

5 gallon fabric pot with FF Happy Frog and I ran it with RO water + CalMag for the first month or so then started adding the Jack’s to the RO and slightly less CalMag (Jack’s 3rd part is Epsom Salt basically).

She seems pretty happy with it so far.

I do appreciate it neighbor! All info is appreciated.

All depends on what type of cal mag you use but I follow this chart for specifically just the trio and then usually add 20-25 ml of cal mag for a 5 gal mix. Me personally I usually make it for 3 gallons to get the right ppm and ec according to chart

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I discourage mixing nutrient lines. Pick a complete line. I haven’t used Fox Farm myself. Maybe someone else has used it in coco. @Hellraiser have you used the trio in coco?

Once you finish those bottle nutrients, consider switching to dry nutrients like Jack’s.


Like keystone said you should probably stick to one nutrient line. I went off a bunch of suggestions and I want to switch over to jacks 321 eventually after seeing hellraisers success stories and pricing on it vs other line ups

Respect,this is my first grow so ill defintely follow up with the jacks next run to see if there is a difference.

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No, only Jacks and Advanced Nutrients in coco.


The difference will mainly be the money you save.