My start of second grow am I set?

Strain; auto northern lights and blueberry haze in a 4x4x80 tent

Soil in 3 gal pots ffof,perilite,coir

PH of runoff or solution in the reservoir? ph water 6.7 is what they been getting. No run off yet.

What is strength of nutrient mix? No nutes

Indoor or Outdoor, INDOOR

Light system, size? led 400watt full-spectrum

and led 180watts full spectrum

Temps; Day / Night – 73 to 78 24/7

Humidity; 55%

Ventilation system; Yes,2 oscillating fans, 4” extractor with scrubber

Heater, Yes, on an ink bird temperature regulator. Also a humidifier.


Looks like you’re off to great start!
Happy growing!

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You didn’t say how much coco was in the mix, is it buffered?

Yes 20% coco buffered 10% perlite because ffof has perlite in it so 70% ffof

Sounds like you’re all set then!

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I think its a solid start, but i would think about upgrading your light if you keep growing.


That is the next upgrade. Thanks for the input.


Check out HLG. A little more money up front but it will last 10 years at least

lol…that is what I want to go to. Hear nothing but good .

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Yep. I have 16 of them and have never looked back