My sour dieswl just pop from seeda...need help with her

Does she look unhealthy she st came out from seeds…!


Her stems dont look right… Shud I put her out in da sun or no sun???

i would just let it be ,seems it may have been to close to the surface and hasnt had chance to straighten out ,and sometimes they do start a little crazy but should come good when it starts to grow.

If I grow it outside how many months will she be ready for harvest??

I was going to say the same thing Tim, I
As far as outside go’s we have no idea where your growing at
So nobody can really answer.
Maybe fill out this support ticket.

B Safe

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yes Garrigan is right ,you need to know the flowering time of the strain ie 8 week 10 week then when the hours of daylight get shorter by approx 3 hours the plant start to flower mark the date when it starts and close to the end time people here will help you decide with a few pictures .

Happy growing

Glad to help you out once you give us some more info.

Leave this sprout out of direct Sun, until it get’s stronger. A cfl 2-3" over top of it will provide enough light to keep it heakthy

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