My Sour D plants don't quite look the same

Both plants come from ILGM seeds, yet they look very different. One has very skinny 7 finger leaves where the other has fatter 5 finger leaves.


That is common for sisters not to look the same. Just like kids, same parents but kids look different
One on left looks abit droopy, is it thirsty or maybe getting abit root bound. They r pretty big ladys for those pots lookin at ur pic


Michael Jordan is 6’6”, his older brother is 5’8”. Different genes, different characteristics.


Variations within a phenotype. Normal and expected. If you want identical you have to take clones.


Im using 7 gallons cloth pots. They allow for better oxygenated roots but dry out very quickly.


For plants that big I would get 20+ gallon containers

I would replant but at this late stage I wouod rather not tempt disaster

They look to be just starting to flower. If u have an extra pair (or two pairs) of steady hands… a 10 gallon would help a ton. Root space is gonna be at a premium and ur gettin tho the good part!

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Its easy to repot them if u let them dry up, soul will be lite and u can just grab at base of stalk and slowly wiggle it out and drop in bigger pot.
Definatly worth doing! They are stronger than u think :wink:
And results will be better in the end.

I repotted them. Its very easy to repot whe using fabric pots. You can cut away the okd one and move it.

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I use the trash can as well I would get that bubble insulation out from the bottom It coud reflect to the bottom side of your leaves sun burning them

Awsome, ur girls will thank u for the new bigger homes for sure :wink: