My Sour D is nute burned, isn't it?

These are on week 9, Sour D from clones. They had a super high ppm so I’ve managed to get the ppms down to an acceptable level…but are my plants too far gone?:sleepy:

20210506_225924 20210506_225906 20210506_225859


Did you strip them of fan leaves?

Pretty colors but 0 fans to help finish


No, I didn’t strip the fan leaves out. Right now I’m just running plain distilled water in them.

I dont see hardly any nute burn. Maybe one or two tips.
What I see is a plant consuming itself as it finishes.
The fan leaves would have helped provide those components for the plant but its doing fine.


What medium are you using?

When you’re watering, how much runoff are you producing? (For example 3 gallons in, 2-1/2 gallons of runoff)

Are you measuring the EC/PPM of runoff? If so, what are you seeing?

I see a few crow’s foot leaves curling up and onto themselves. Are those really dry or even fully desiccated?

How many days have these plants been on a 12/12 light cycle?

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This happened on my first grow. The plant is just consuming its fan leaves to get the nutrients it needs as you are no longer providing nutrients through water. If your trichomes look right, I think you are ready to finish your grow. You don’t want this to go on too long or the sugar leaves will start getting consumed.

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I see a too many white pistils for it to be done in mu opinion.


Y’all think it’s ready to harvest or should I feed em? This strain is Sour D & it’s bee on 12/12 for about 10 weeks now.

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Idk let it go longer. What happened to the fan leaves?

They are leeching. Not burn

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Please answer my questions.

Have you experienced “nutrient burn?”

Somehow not stripped :thinking: but they’re mostly gone… maybe a stiff breeze blew them off

Like everyone’s said just start by looking at the trichs and figure out where you’re at but it looks like it needs time and it’s gonna mature
Much more slowly with all the fan leaves hosed up.

Guess we cant help people who dont want help. Ill always answer when you respond on mine. Def a wealth of knowledge

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Looks to me like your plants are locked out and have been burned by the light at some point.

Have you calibrated your PH meter lately?

So many white pistols at nine weeks which tell me your plant is fox tailing. That’s probably causing all the white pistols.

If you have a scope, I would look at the trics.

I’m also at nine weeks with my SD. I think I have about another week or two according the the trics

Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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Not sure about fan leaves causing problems. I haven’t had fan leaves on mine since I first saw bud sites. And I mean none!
No problems here. :thinking:

Yes I have had nutrient burn. Nutrient burn killed 5 of my plants all at once back in 2008. That were out door in pots. Most recent nutrient burn was on my slh in first indoor two months ago. In 2008 I was using miracle grow and some blue nutrient bottle I got at Menards. Was a quick burn. One day they were good. Next dead. Last time was very acute. So yes I’ve experienced both extreme and acute nutrient burns. The out door was my first solo attempt and thought I would just boost them. Fed only water first month. Then went 125% with the blue stuff.