My son wants to get a medical card on Washington State

My son suffers from severe anxiety and depresion due to a tramuatic brain injury that happend to him 7 months ago. My son is currently 17 years old, he has told me is planning to grow he own medicinal herb for he’s personal use. He is currently still visting a psychiatrist since the problem started, may i tell he’s psychiatrist that he wants to give marijuana a chance? I am willing to sign for him if needed.


I’m no expert with psychiatry but marijuana definitely helps with anxiety and depression. I would probably start off with low thc high cbd strains to try first because thc does have phcyscoactive effects. But if he has had experienced marijuana before he should be ok but you should do a lot of research because it can have adverse effects but really low thc strains like 8% or less with high cbd should be ok. The cbd in the flowers actually counteract the psychoactive effects of the thc. Yeah I didn’t even answer the question lol. As far as telling the psychiatrist since you are in a legal state that should be ok. They might not recommend it because it will cut into their profits​:joy::joy::joy:

I think it depends on where you live. If you’re in a legal state it’s not a problem at all. I’ve told my psychiatrist I grow weed, in fact, I gave him some. :slight_smile: I don’t see any harm in it.


Might be a problem under 18. You should check out Washington State laws. Maybe you can grow it and give it to him, as a minor. If his psychiatrist gives him trouble, find another. Some are fine with cannabis for anxiety. About 40 years ago I had a doctor recommend it for tension headaches, and it was way illegal then.

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I’m not sure if your son is taking other drugs but you may want to look into if it’s alright to smoke cannabis and take the meds he’s on if he’s taking any. It may be legal in certain states to grow but it’s still not federally legal yet to smoke and take certain drugs.

That’s probably something you should discuss with your son, before going to his dr to discuss.