My Sole survior

As some of you know I have been ill. One seed survived my illness she is going on 7 weeks now and has started to flower wondering if the lights are too high she is a white widow auto

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I have no idea what light or what height you have it but by node spacing, looks a little high

Glad you are feeling better. Hornhead has the right ?’s.

Hey, I’m glad you’re getting better! I agree with the others on the node spacing. Lower the light or otherwise increase the intensity. Otherwise, looks healthy and green! :v:

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Yup welcome back!

If no light hours change then ill bet auto too

Thanks. I am running 2 250w LEDS. With 2 more lights available. The lights are 4 feet above the plant. How far above the plant should they be at this point? I do not want to lose here, she has had a stressful upbringing. Had to transplant her last week, became root bound. Growing in soil, cloth containers. Soil is a mix of seedling soil, cocco air and compost. I raised the lights because I was getting yellow leaves thought I burned them

Thats very far away. More like 2 ft usually. What kind of lights


2 250we leds that came with the tent. All gifted to me

250w “equivalent” or 250w actual draw at the wall?

4’ is much too high.

Right. 4 ft is too far. But WE? :thinking::thinking: to the google machina!!!

Sorry typo… do u know the brand name?

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We… watt equivalent? I hope not, since that would probably put those lights at 40-60actual watts.

250w draw

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Thanks guys! Lowered the light she is now budding like crazy. She is 20 inches. How much more will she grow?

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It depends on how long she feels like vegging, mainly. I’ve seen lots of autos grow to be monsters, and others that fizzle out and don’t produce a whole lot. Just keep taking care of her, and she’ll take care of you! :+1:

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:+1::+1::+1::+1: yeah 250 draw even at 2 should be 1 and a half 2ft tops

Here is a new pic


The stack is on!!! Congrats

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Just catching up. Looks great! :v:

here are some new one

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Couple milky. Still clear… keep on keeping on!

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