My soil for 2020 outdoor grow

Here’s my base soil for 2020 Massachusetts outdoor grow:

Some links included…

Cannabis Soil for three 30 GA pots and one 25 GA pot

Base Soil

4 bags 2 cubic feet – Coast of Maine Castine Blend Organic Raised Bed Mix

Total - 8 cubic feet


1 bag 30 lbs – Worm castings

2 bag 1cf – Coast of Maine Lobster Compost

Total - 3 cubic feet


1 bag 2 cf – PittMoss Prime (no amendments added)

1 bag 1cf – Rice Hulls (replaces perlite)

Total - 3 cubic feet


1 bag 2.5lbs - Neem and Karanja Mixed 50/50 (use all)

1 bag 13lbs – Oyster Flour (use 3 lbs.)

1 bag 4lbs - Premium Insect Frass (use 3 lbs.)

1 bag 3lbs - Kelp Meal (use all)

1 bag 4lbs - Glacial Rock Dust - GAIA GREEN (use 2 to 3 lbs.)

Water once per week: use as directed

1 bag 1lb - recycle-Sil Natural Silica

1 bag 100g - BioAg TM-7

1 bag 1 lb – Thrive.N

Mix base, compost, and amendments.


Nice. Looks like done good stuff.

I’m mixing 18 sq ft of BAS Coots Mix today.

Using 3 grassroots 30GA and one left over plain black fabric pot.

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Sweet. I’m in raised beds and fabric pots.

My indoor flower room has 2- 2’x4’ fabric beds. Finished my soil this weekend.


Very nice

Growing Blueberry, Humboldt CS Cookies and Humboldt Dream. Have BB, getting Humboldt seeds mid March. Can’t wait to get started.

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Who’s BB?

Bruce Banner :man_shrugging:t2: Lol

BB - Blueberry, sorry for the confusion.

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I get that it’s Blueberry, but who’s? Breeder that is…

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I know they are from Spain… pretty sure they are from 00 seeds.

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Cool. I’ve got DJ short BB seeds dying to jump into a glass of water.

Just added Mataro Blue from Kannabia to the grow. Really looking forward to see how this one turns out.