My Soil Feeding Schedule vs. New 2022 FoxFarm

@beardless @Jwit84 ok…I guess I have been doing it right. Duh. So many numbers, so much to remember. lol. I have a paper and pen journal. Like the olden days. :crazy_face: :melting_face:

Runoff Updates:
I ran 1 gal of plain 0 EC/ppm water through each of my 3 gal smart pots. The ph meter I have, like most meters, have trouble reading ph 0ppm water. My meter always starts high at 7.5, then will slowly go down to 7.0, then keep dropping to the low 6’s…so I’m assuming my water ph is around 7.0 on average.
BTW i’m using ZEROWATER filters.

Plant A - my smaller plant seeming to have struggled due to nutrient burn and low soil ph. The runoff was 11,500 EC at the beginning! and after the first .75 gal I dumped the runoff and measured the final .25 gal I poured. I then got the following runoff stats: 3,770 EC / 6.75 ph.
Plant B - I performed the same process and got the following final run off stats: 2,404 EC / 7.07 ph.

I think I’m going to have to wait to feed…definitely for Plant A…

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Updated Feeding Schedule again after learning the average grow time is 92 - 98 days and not 58- 63 days. I went on the Crop King Seeds site and many reviewers have this as the timeline.
I plan to do a final flush using Sledgehammer on day 85 in order to give me 7-13 days to flush out all of the nutrient taste until harvest on day 92-98…

Also, as recommended, I will wait until 3 weeks of feeding before my first flush. I will also start at 50% dosage, then go to 75% and then 100% if everything looks good.

Correction: Lowered Tiger Bloom in weeks 5 and 6.
I already fed each plant once 1/2 gal each on week 4 with a higher Tiger Bloom dosage, but I did not have Cal-Mag or Open Sesame at that time, so I will reduce the Tiger Bloom to 50% of recommended dose in week 5 and 75% in week 6 if all goes well.

Please see v3 below. Starting at week 7 I am planning to match the 2022 Foxfarm Soil schedule at 100% dosage.

Can you share this spreadsheet file with me please?

If you don’t have a lot of fox farm nutrients i suggest going to jack 321 its Cheaper and easier