My small grow thingy


High all

Next run is Cinderella 99 photoperiod and 2 autos an ak-49 and crop circle.

This is c99 all bent over and all spread open. She popped 8/13.

Here is the ak-49 and it surfaced 8/17

Crop circle 8/17

Man I hate when a seed jumps into a cup of water, then it falls into some dirt. I’m going to have to keep an eye on this Hindu Kush auto.


Also I do not top just heavy LST and leave removal over the center of the plant and leave all outside leaves. This totally opens up the plant kicking out tons of shoots on nice long stems, hm that’s how they get those long roses. Yes I grow like I’m growing roses.
Old Cali hippies grew some of the best roses/pot I’ve ever seen back in the 80’s. Those were fun days. My mom was going to buy roses, and here I am getting schooled on how to grow.
Damn those people that didn’t like me growing. Ok time to move on and grow.


Adding update

The ak-49 has taken her new angle and she is opened up showing that little belly


Update on Hindu Kush auto.

Dropped it in water 9/4 and today look who’s joining us.
ILGM grem way is the best. I used to do paper towel way, but damn all 6 were done this way and all 6 popped within 2 days of hitting water


Today’s update on ak-49

This plant is growing crazy fast and liking her new look. Here was last nights pinning

Here is today’s and she’s all standing up

After this pinning I’m let her fill out and one more pin should be good.

This is the crop circle auto and its this cute little leaf ball. I tried to LST, but this has other ideas on how she wants to be strapped down.

Have awesome day filled with fun
Now I need to make my foot stop hurting. This damn backwards state.


I had to. Look at those tops and none topped. This is a happy plant.


Here is Cindy99. I was able to get shots of her. Raised lights


I love that node spacing. One of the main reasons I’m considering indoor.


@FloridaSon this is just LST and leaf removal. This kinda causes them to pop, then just let them rise up. Also to remember is that these haven’t hit 2700k stretch. My sativa has six inch spacing.
Another note is I don’t top


New LEDs update

Quick setup tonight had to take stuff out of old box for reflection. Tent one day, but I may just use room…


Here’s the jumbled mess to keep them cool until tomorrow when I’ll have a chance to clean up. I laugh at MacGyver and his foil bomb thing.

@Paranorman foil tape is also reflective too


I’m still figuring out the whole tape thing, I don’t even know what you got going on there ?

You got pulleys, levers and vacuum tubes all up in there somewhere too ? :older_man:


Good. My flux capacitor is still hidden. Oops I mean look a pig is fly ing

I was showing the use of sure tape. Gotta have fun




Ak49 is now going to be multi plants, but 1 root system. It’s like this image

Here she is

Hmmm…I wonder what is going to happen here?


@Usmcjojo I still laugh. Awesome


That’s funny damn man your like a mad scientist. Gonna call you Doc. brown


I like…


Not to be an ass, but wouldn’t that diagram be described as 1 plant multiple root systems?


@FloridaSon you just threw my 2 brain cells for a loop. When I’m able, cannabutter cookies, to think again I’ll come back.

Well played sir