My sick white widow

  • What strain, WWA, ILGM
  • Method: Soil FFOF
  • Vessels: Pots, 3 GAL cloth
  • PH of Water 6.4
  • PPM/TDS 1020ppm in 2250 ppm run off
  • Indoor
  • Light system 2 LED 230 watts from the wall
  • Temps; 81f day 75 night
  • Humidity; rh 50 to 65
  • Ventilation system; 4 in inline exhaust, fans
  • dehumidifyer
  • Co2; Yes
    My plant is showing signs of trouble. Not exactly sure. I use FF trio nutrients. Plant is a wwa at about day 70 flower. Is she worth saving? 20191027_070944|375x500
    Ive been watering and feeding acording to the schedule. This auto has really takin its time. Not much bud density or smell. Not much in the way of trichs either.

She’ll make it. Have you been doing the monthly flushes?

Excellent point as FF puts regular flushes on the schedule. I see some nute burn which coupled with the runoff numbers make me think you could drop your nutrient load back by 25% or so. Good input TDS for the plant.

I would guess she’s rootbound in the smaller pot which may cause you some issues. Too late to go larger so ride it out.

There are a number of products you can use to enhance terpins and flavinoids: GH makes Floralicious Plus, as well as good old Epsom Salt. I did that with my last plant and it helped. Also; plants tend to be stinky one day and not so much the next.


She really doesn’t look that bad, my friend. I mean, your humidity sounds like it runs on the higher side at 65% which is a bit high for flowering. Your pH is just slightly (and I mean minimally slightly) on the higher end of acceptable but within range. Your ingoing ppm is fine with a kind of high outgoing ppm.
How often are you watering?
Definitely don’t give up that beauty yet. Let’s figure this out because I can tell that woman reeeeaally wants to make you proud.


You should definitely consider flushing her. She’ll like that.
Within the Gen Hyd family you can add floralicious as mentioned above, plus, florablend, floranectar (taste, smell) and then diamond nectar and/or liquid koolbloom, for weight (all this after flushing!!)
But to flush, get on that FloraKleen!!


She still looks pretty healthy so yes, she is worth saving. :+1:

Can i use tap water or ph the tap water. And 3 gallon pot so 9 gal thru?

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You can use tap water. One trick I saw was doing the bulk of the flush with municipal water and finishing with R/O: checking the runoff from the last of the R/O water at the end.

I use Florakleen and it is supposed to greatly reduce the amount of water needed.

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quick tidbit about finishing off:
one of the things I do two days before I harvest and thus at the end of my flush, I turn my lights off.
That’s right. Two days before harvest I turn the lights off and let her live in the dark. All my plants live in an ebb and flow hydroponic system but it’s the same concept with soil. Keep flushing just as you would.
Two days without light makes my trichome production EXPLODE. Between that and a really thorough flush - creates that sticky icky icky that makes the people say, “yyyeeeeaaaahhhhhh.”
Consider giving it a try one day!


Will do thanks.

I flush my soil with just straight tap water before the next grow. But I will do it days before I need it as we have super chlorinated water.

I did a flush on the girl yesterday afternoon. Ran about 7 gal of tap water thru her. Last ppm out was in the low 300s. So i guesd i just wait to see how she responds.

I flushed with water and molasses. Do you think the sugars really help making buds sticky or is it just a myth?

Molasses isn’t for the plant. It’s to feed the microorganisms in your media. I stop the molasses 2-3 weeks before harvest and just give plain water.


Hi @phoneman, First let me say she looks great. If its a ILGM seed, the site says 8 weeks for flower for WW, so thats means you should be ready by now. However, if your sure the trichs are still clear or there are only a few of them, (your using a 60x loop at least right?) then put a little hurt on her. Split the stalk as described by Roberts guide, or check out my grow. I just did it to my Blackberry Kush and give her an ice bath. (cover the entire soil surface with 2 inches of ice) and keep your light schedule the same for a few more days and monitor trich production and see if you get some amber trichs. Go another 3-4 days and then do a 2 day lights out regimen. No more water at that point. The plant leaves should change color and if everything else looks good (more trichs and amber ones), then, chop her down. Getting and keeping your ppms right and lots of light during the flower stage is critical to big buds. Watering with ph’d water always to at least 20% runoff in between feedings will keep salts from building up and make flushes easier. I use sledgehammer for a flush at week 7 and at the end a week before my chop and when I dont screw the cure I have had smooth, tasty weed consistently.
Good luck brother it really looks good in the pic!

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After flushing day before yesterday im not seeing much change still pretty yellow on alot of leaves. How long and will she recover to green again?

The yellow leaves may be normal end of life for them. The may never come back. If there down low you can snip em all. Cut them off carefully with a clean scissor so nothing tears. Not sure what week your in but if aint the 7th or 8th then you can add some flowering nutes and cal mag evey other watering. But go easy. If you had fresh soil there may still be nutes in the mix. FF has enough to get thru 3 months of veg but the flower nutes are needed. You may add 10 ml each per gallon of flower nutes and 10 ml of cal mag or sim until the 7th or 8th week. You’ll also want to fkush again at week 7. If yours was the last flush and you have less than two weeks to go then just let her finish off with just water every few days. Some leaves dyi g on the plant is normal.
I water flood to drought. Every 2-3 days. My GG4 wants water more than the rest. Some folks like to split the stalk (I do with photos not autos) and do ice baths to help her finish and produce more trichs. I split it the last week and 2 or 3 ice baths that week at lights out and for the 48 hr dark period before the chop.
Have any pics?

Pics at top of this thread. Im in week 10 of flower.

Ok. They really do look normal bro. Yer good with the flush. You can cut those off so she doesnt try repair those instead of building more buds. Which is the point in waiting it out.
Goodluck brother! Keep me posted.

Gave her an ice bath yesterday. So much yellow leaves though. I think she is givin up and ending herself. Acording to my notes she should be in week 11 or 12 of flower isnt that long?