My setup + Q's on stretching seedlings and when to transplant

Now that everything seems ok with the transplant I will agree with you lol, but at the time I was saying holy sh*t every time I pulled one up.


I know, right? They’ll probably sulk for a few days then take off like crazy. Did you use any Mykos?

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I only recently even heard of mykos and that other similar sounding one, azos? . Anyways I do plan to get some but haven’t yet. I’d like to get into cloning once I finish this grow. And maybe even making my own fem seeds. That’s a ways off tho lol.


Clones are fairly straightforward. I’ve had good luck with them but they generally aren’t as vigorous as rooted seedlings.

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I use mykos and Azos for my transplanting. But it also works great for clones.


Ok, so, lots has happened, been too busy to document it. Took a few days vacation, had a bunch of stuff to do when we got back. Blah blah.

Update, day 52.

The following pics are with the mutant plant elevated on a milk crate.

Wish I had more time to document but, gotta go. I had fungus gnats for a few days but took steps to take care of that. Overwatered for vacay.


VUpdate Day 56, week 8 from seed in dirt.

Tonight at 9pm I flip to flower. Gonna give em 36 hrs of dark first then 12/12. Let the flowering stage commence, in three weeks.


Update Day 58.

The lights went back on today (switched to hps from mh, too soon for that??) after 36 hrs of dark to start the 3 week transition to flower.

The canopy looks good, not much changed. However. The underside took a few hits. Dried and dead leaves, limp and lifeless, falling or fell off. Have a look.

Here’s the canopy…

I’m not super worried, yet. Gave em water and removed the dead. See how it goes. Tips and suggestions always welcome.

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Why did you feel the need to go dark for 36hrs before the switch? Just wondering.

I just wanted to try it. I’d recently read about it here and on the net. Don’t really have anything to compare it too but it seemed to not hurt them. As far as I can tell. May not have helped them either. It’s a toss up. No good reason lol.

Update. Day 66 from seed, Day 11 transition.

Been doing less water at a time (half gal to gal) in a water-water-feed type schedule. They dry very quick, maybe two three days.

Here’s some pics from today.


If you haven’t done it already, it will help to clear all the dead and dying leaves in the bottom of your grow. This will allow better air circulation

Roger that man, I was on it right away. Made it a bit easier to work under the canopy too. Seemed to almost help trim the undergrowth for me.

I do think it was a nitrogen deficiency. Yellowing of leaves starting at the bottom and moving up to the undercanopy, necrosis and dead leaves too. I’m noticing it again yesterday. Could have been combined with a bit of wind burn from a poorly placed fan. Now repositioned. Watered today with grow nutes. Gonna switch to bloom nutes next feeding in about a week. That’ll be the end of three weeks of transition. I do think they’ve switched rather fast already. Here’s some pics from this morning.



A guy at the hydro shop told me about going 36 hours dark as well. It helps jumpstart flowering and reduces transition time supposedly.

Here are some shots of the leaves I pulled. I’m thinking it’s nitrogen def. but what do I know.

Same leaves in different light…

Update. Day 77 from seed in dirt. End of week 3 transition. Start week 1 Flower.

Definitely having a nitrogen def with one plant, and just the beginnings of it on another. I’ve been a litttle skimpy with the nutes.

Snuck in right at lights out and took a few pics. Kinda burry though.

Also, saw this on the elevator to my brothers apt. Had to take a pic.


Haha that’s awesome!

So harvest has come and gone. It was 120 days from seed to harvest.

Here are some of the pics I managed to take.

Here are the numbers.

Wet 12.4oz
Dry 3.7oz 107g

Wet 18oz
Dry 3.6oz 101g

Wet 21.5oz
Dry 3.3oz 93g

Wet 12.2oz
Dry 2.7oz 76g

Wet 17.7oz
Dry 5.0oz 141g

Wet 17.1oz
Dry 3.9oz 113g

Total wet 98.9oz
Total dry 22.2oz 631g