My setup + Q's on stretching seedlings and when to transplant

Greetings all. Thank you for taking the time. I just wanted to start this thread as a place to get help and advice on my grow. I’m 10 days in and I’m not sure how it’s going. I think they’ve stretched already but now seem ok.

My setup.
Indoor tent 6x4 x 6tall
Light - 600 watt mh and hps(flower), 18/6, 17" from tops
Soil - Gaia Green Living Soil Blend (opinions welcome here and everywhere)
Seed - white widow fem photoperiod
Pot - 16oz starter cups, plan to transplant to 3gal then maybe 7gal

I’ve had one watering now that gave me runoff enough to test at 5.6 from water that went in at 6.5. I’m watering less now with 7.5, not enough to test runoff again yet, or should I be watering more? I dunno. Also when should I start using a “grow” nutrient?
Here’s some pics, let me know whatcha think.


They look good fo there age if they stop randomly they are working on root development

They look nice to me too. You might want to reduce the amount of water you are giving them so they have a chance to look for new sources through root growth. An hydrometer to monitor the ambient humidity will be a good idea at some point but it looks like you are in a decent climate based on the appearance of the seedlings.

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Thank you @Majiktoker and @Myfriendis410,

The temp is between 22 and 24 (71.6 and 75.2), I think it should be a bit warmer, and relative humidity 64-71%, I have a dehumidifier but can only run it during lights out or it trips the breaker lol. Shoulda included that info at the start.

Thanks again

The temp could be around 78 otherwise your off to a good start

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Just an update with pics. Today is Day 13.

On day 10-11 I gave em a very small amount of water(20ml) with a 1/4 dose of grow nutes.
Hit em again on day 12 with 120ml water and 1/4 nutes. Lettin em dry good now.


Does anyone think these should the transplanted now or soon?

Looks good. I’ve waited until about 2-3 weeks. Get a good root system and stem support going. IMO Holes any where around the cup? Can see roots?

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Unfortunately I didn’t think to put any holes in the sides that would allow roots to be seen. Great idea. I don’t know how I would add them now, I’d be afraid to damage em.

Are there any specifics to making holes in the sides of pots or do I just make a few holes here and there? I do plan to transplant once or twice so I wil try the side holes soon.

Not just to see the roots, but for air and drainage. At this point a soldering iron would work. Poke through just enough not to damage anything. I cut some holes at the bottom of some solo cups.

Just an update. Day 16. But pics from yesterday.

I would appreciate any opinions on whether or not those leaves look like they are curling upwards too much. Or anything else.

They are starting to smell a little bit, I may hook up the carbon filter soon. Great smell though. Do they normally smell at this stage of the game?. Guess so eh.


Leaves look like they are lifting just the right amount to me. Looking good so far!

Hey @Rugar89, thank you for the reply, it’s very reassuring and much appreciated.

Updates to follow.

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Update. Pics from day 19, yesterday.

I’ve been worried that the temps haven’t been getting cool enough at night so I’ve taken steps to cool things off. Plants seem to be doing good. Slow to no growth since transplant but looking good I think.

Also been having ph issues, I should have the right mix for their next watering. The runoff has been too low for soil. I bumped the ph on my input water but got very little relative movement on the runoff. Gonna go higher ph on next watering. I think the DE on the topsoil may be messing my ph.


Update day 23. So yesterday I started mainlining five of the six plants. Saved one just in case. One plant has turned out to be a bit of a mutant, you’ll see in the pics. The est seem to have come out ok. After about four hours they were reaching for the sky like never before. Take a look.

This first pic is just after topping and stripping. At this point I hadn’t done the mutant (centre front).

The next two pics are of the mutant before and after.

This is four hours after mainlining. Check out the reach on these. Wtf.

This is how they look today. I tied down the tall fan leaves. Left them on until I’m confident the plants are doing well, then I’ll remove and tie down the two new shoots.

May have waited too long to start but I think they’ll do alright.


Update day 26.

Everything is proceeding as semi planned. Since being topped and stripped they have shown good growth. I may have knicked one with my scissors when topping or just bent a limb too much or for too long but one plant seems to have sustained an injury. I taped it up asap and I think it’ll be fine. Took pics. Also I noticed that there are roots already growing out the bottom holes of my 3 gal pots. So today I bought 8 gal airpots as thier final grow home. Plan to transplant again in a day or two. Watered with nutes today so I want em to dry up just a little for transplant. Here’s some pics.

Here’s the injury…

And the tape job…

Here’s 2 pics of my mutant after a little more cutting and some heavy lst…

And the full monte as they are today…

Thanks for keeping up with me.


Ok, so. Lots has happened since last update.

Update Day 27
Transplanted 5/6 plants into 8gal airpots. Didn’t have enough soil for the sixth, stupid.
Here’s some pics of the root balls…

All cozy in thier final home

And the next day


Looking good! I’m always amazed at the amount of roots when I transplant. You timed it just right IMO.

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Update Day 30

Tnasplant seems to have gone ok.

Update Day 31

Right before I topped them again, except the mutant

And right after I topped them again, except the mutant

That was yesterday, I’ll get some pics from today a little later.

Thanks for reading


Update Day 32

I gave em all a fierce lst session and six hours later this is what they looked like…

And this is the most recent after another semi fierce lst session…

And a close up of the mutant…

I’m out