My set up and questions about it

I got a 4x4x6 tent. An exhaust fan 195cfm, lights are parfact works RA1000, two oscillating fans, (I also have a active air intake fan for later). I also have vivosun super HPS 600w bulbs, waiting for the Adjustable Wing Reflector Fixture to come in and may switch out the lights. I germinated 3 zkittles auto seeds in distilled water for 24 hours and all three grew tap roots. I planted them in a solo cup with three slits on the sides for drainage. (I am following Hellraisers journal.) I got a TDS meter, pH test strips for the water. A pH soil tester. My RH is 41, temp is 82 degrees. My soil is fox farms. I also have a pot for a pot going as well. I attached pictures of my set up. I am wondering if the RA1000 lights (about a foot and a half above the cups) are too hot right now and maybe I should swap it out with the 600W vivosun HPS.

Any suggestions would be greatly welcomed!

They don’t need much light for seedlings/vegetative growth. Be cheaper to run leds for now for sure. Gonna refer this to @dbrn32 the resident lighting expert. Throw in a couple useful videos myself.


I’d use the LED for now, would be fine for the next few weeks.

The 600 watt HPS is going to be much hotter than the RA1000 which is only a 115 watt light, the HPS is a true 600 watts so will be like 5-6 times hotter.

Not a fan of the wing reflectors - will cause heat issues using a 600 watt HPS in a tent, you really want an air-cooled hood/reflector instead to get the heat out of the tent. Also your exhaust fan at 195CFM is too small for the task of cooling a 4x4 tent with a 600 watt HPS, really need something closer to 350-400CFM.


Ac infinity 6inch?


Yes, that would be a good fan.

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Both of these are not really accurate enough for our use. A decent digital PH meter will keep you in the sweet spot for cannabis. The soil probe type meters aren’t even good for plant stakes: junk.

This is one that a lot of growers use and comes with calibration solution: a good thing.


I almost stopped halfway through reading original post to say the same thing and also recommend air cooled. Bigger you get better it will be in 4x4.

With led panel you have i would probably have more like 2’ or so above to start seedlings. You can lower a little if you see stretch, but the 2’ should be pretty good to start.

Ditto on soil probe too. I always thought the strips were pretty accurate, but I have trouble distinguishing shades of a few colors, makes them a real pita to read.


Thank you! My second planted seed popped out of the soil overnight! I turned off the RA1000 overnight and put in a 9 watt grow light and she popped out. I will put the RA1000 back on now though. I’m so afraid to burn her!

I have a 100 CFM fan also, can I use both rather than buying a whole new fan?

Even the 6 or 8 inch raxial ac infinits fans will work and are like29 and 33 bucks on amazon. Work super well also im impressed by the 6 inch for sure


Even the 6 or 8 inch raxial ac infinits fans will work and are like29 and 33 bucks on amazon. Work super well also im impressed by the 6 inch for sure

That sounds like a great deal/option for an intake fan, :thinking:

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It works super well im shocked. I have a 8 inch can booster fan from lowes and the 6 inch ac raxial is more powerful than the 8 inch from lowes

Today or tomorrow i should have the 8 inch delivered here im gonna install for my spare bathroom to help pull heat from there. It gets pretty warm in that section of the house for some reason

You can try but I don’t think it’ll be enough once you get the 600 watt HPS going and specially without an air cooled hood, temps are going to be difficult to control with sub-par fans. Throw a carbon filter in the mix and your fans will be at half the rated cfm.


Yeah I have a six inch model that I bought to check out, they move air pretty well as long as there is not much resistance like a carbon filter or long ducting, then cfms drop pretty significantly.


Im going to order the air cooled hood on Friday. With the RA1000 and the CFM 195 intake fan my temp stayed steady at 84 degrees for now. I want to do this right. I didn’t get the carbon filter cause I don’t care if the smell gets in the house. It doesn’t have any other purpose right?

Is this what your taking about?

AC Infinity RAXIAL S8, Inline Booster Duct Fan 8” with Speed Controller - Low Noise Inline HVAC Blower Can Fan for Basements, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Workshops

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I was quoting someone else? I just thought the price sounded good as maybe an intake fan but if they’re noisy, I’m out lol

It seems like my other fan is blowing air into the tent. This is the other fan I got. VIVOSUN 4 inch Inline Duct Fan 100 CFM, HVAC Exhaust Intake Fan, Low Noise & Extra Long 5.5’ Grounded Power Cord. I seem to have bought a little of everything and dont know what to use, when to use it etc. I think my RTO is going to be in the negative for a while, lol.

Good call. I’m running 600w MH/HPS and temps can definitely get out of hand quickly depending on other environmental issues. My temp will climb to 86 for the last hour because of how I am timing on/off. Only fan I run is the ACInfinity 6 inch and it does a fine job for my 4x4 with a passive intake. We’ll see how well it works with my carbon filter that will be here tomorrow…I’m sure it will be fine, but will have to turn it up a couple notches.