My Seeds Haven’t Sprouted

I’ve received my White Widow seeds this past April, but I finally germinated my seeds a little over 3 days ago. All of them germinated and are in soil. This issue is towards the 3rd day neither sprouted. I was told to place plastic cups over them for 2 weeks and wait. What could I possibly done wrong if my seeds have germinated?

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Hey welcome few questions for ya.

How deep did you bury them? Did they have tap roots when you did bury them? Did you “lightly” cover the holes enough to where they still have to push out of the soil? Are these Autos or Photos?

Each of them had a tap root before I planted them. I covered them a little and placed them like 1/2 an inch deep. They’re all autos.

Tap root down I presume? What kind of soil? Just going through the process of elimination is all.i just dropped 5 2 popped next day 2 popped 2 days later and one 3 days later in which I think was a little deeper than the rest.

Yep, tap root was down and the soil’s Foxfarm Ocean Forest Garden potting soil

Never used the ocean forest. I would say nothing to do but continue to monitor but let’s pull some much better educated than I people in here.

@Missiles @Not2SureYet @Mrcrabs @Skydiver @Bobbydigital

This way they can give ya some tips and true pro experience.

But at this point I don’t believe there is much to worry about. Just keep your temps and RH where there supposed to be.

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Welcome to ILGM ! Yes I would put a dome over where you planted the seeds to keep the humidity up. Just keep an eye on them like @Jbum said

Also mist the inside of the dome periodically


If it is just straight FFOF soil they are probably gonna burn up a bit. But since they are WW, they may handle it. For future seeds, I would suggest fox farm happy frog for seeds and seedlings. :metal:


A few things:
Did you moisten the soil before you placed the seeds in there? It doesn’t need to be wet, but a little moisture helps.
Make sure they are still in a dark, warm (77-80°F) place until they pop up.
Cut the bottom off of a 2 liter soda bottle to make a humidity dome. Spritz the inside of it with water twice a day. Here is an example:

You put them in Ocean Forest soil. This has a lot of nutrients, so be sure not to give your plants any nutrients until they are in the flowering stage. Next time, I would suggest starting your seedlings in Fox Farm Light Warrior, then transplanting them to Ocean Forest when they have grown a bit.


I myself have never used fox farm O. S, but have read mixed reviews on. It, some say its to hot some say the opposit and works great, , i usally start mine in jiffy all organic seed starter mix, once little older and roots have developed i transplant into soil with nutrients, the steps you took sound right, give them time and they might popo out, worst case scenario , dig out seeds carefully, take pics and get a hold of customers service, I heard lots of people getting news seeds if they don’t succeed, give them time they might surprise you, good luck


Thanks for all of your help. I moistened 2 of my pots before placing my seeds in. I came back and noticed one of them have sprouted. I do have plastic cups over each. But does it have to be clear domes.


Nope. Clear is just handy to see the plants through, and people usually have soda or water bottles lying around that they can cut up.

Awesome sounds like things are moving in the right direction. Now just be careful not to overwater them. They will love all the humidity in the domes and use that up for water at first.


The domes do not need to be clear until they sprout from soil, then they need light AND humidity. That is why we suggest (and use) clear domes. I keep my seedlings under the domes for at least one week, more often closer to two weeks under the domes.


Diffrent strokes for diffrent folks, regardless your babies are poping thru, keep us updated good luck and to get someones attention put an @ infront of there names like @Jbum and we will come to assist Happy 4th EVERYONE


I would use clear domes otherwise no light gets to the leaves and it dies.
Once seed is in soil the soil keeps the light off of it (the roots) So when it does break ground it’s for its food (light) hitting it.


@Skydiver is correct. When I said you didn’t need clear domes, I was only thinking about the sprouting stage. Of course, it doesn’t make sense to have 2 sets (clear and not clear) of domes, unless you really want them…

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Since one has sprouted, show I switch to clear for them all or wait until they all sprout to do so? And since the 1st one has sprouted, should I turn back on my light and humidifier or wait until the rest sprouts?

Looks like they have you squared away. I always use rooter plugs. it makes things much easier. You have the added bonus of being able to gently remove the plugs from the soil and see what is up if you think you have an issue. Then re plant it. I cut a slice in one side before using them. it make it easier to add the seed with out any damage as well. I grow in coco so my help is limited in soil.