My seeds have been stuck in this position

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

Hey there ILGM, I purchased 30 seeds from you and popped them 2 weeks ago. For a week now, my seeds have been stuck in this position. I wasn’t too confident about the seeds when I saw how light colored they were, compared to the marbled brown seeds I’m used to. Attached is a picture of every seed under my 300W light. The pods are moist, but not super wet. The seeds popped overnight, however, they’re just stuck in this state. Air temp is around 80F with ~50% humidity. Seeds are 40” below lights. I can provide seed pics and even send them back. I love the ILGM brand, but I was a bit letdown with this experience, especially taking a $300 gamble on a first order. Let me know and thanks for your time.

Firstly thanks for finding the forum. Join us here. Tons of very smart friendly people with great attitudes about growing reefer.

Second…Those are some very stretchy babies. What type of light is that if you dont mind me asking? If i were you id lower it a bit (unless it is high powered led, which it looks to be by the blurple). Do you have any cheap led/cfl 14-20 watt lights lying around? GREAT for seedlings. That stretch is because the light is too far away. Those cheap bulbs u can run a few inches away.

Lastly two weeks in rooting pellets is not good. If they are rooting youre getting low on space. Look into placing them into larger pots. 1 gallons will work for now


Pop those rooters into cloth pots with wet soil. Don’t water the stem itself. I suggest wetting the soil then putting them in it.

Lower your light to 24”. Put a dome for humidity (a cut in half plastic bottle works fine) over them until they have a set of 3 leaves. Right now they will work on their root system. For the next week to 10 days u will see little or slow growth. But then they will take off.

I see u have a 300 w light. Make sure it’s actually 300 w they usually are not. 30 plants grown indoors are gonna require a ton of light. @dbrn32 can help u there

Congrats! And welcome to the forum


I’d get them into bigger pots, and put ur soil up to bottom of leaves. I lost many seedling because those new stems aren’t strong enough to hold up more leaves. I’m not a professional, but that’s what I’d do. Good luck!


Youve gotten some good advice so far
Nice work folks :+1: :wink:
Definitely get lights closer and pot those sprouts
They will normally work on root stucture the first few weeks before much upward growth ( above soil) happens
Joining us is a definite benefit to your grow


In addition to added lighting, I’d get them into some deep pots and bury most of those long, long stems.

On a side note, I understand what you’re saying about light colored seeds but I’ve found that not all strains produce those rich, deep colors. I recently did a seed run on a strain I want to experiment with and the seeds were sort of light colored, as were the few I originally purchased of that strain. So, don’t let the color throw you, necessarily.

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Color of the beans doesnt make a difference

Good point @PhantomFarmer

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Too far from light. Bury deep…stems will grow roots. support with pipe cleaners loosely wrapped the stem.

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