My seeds didnt germ9califonia11 didnt bannana ush 10 get 10

Germination i ordered 10 get 10 in bananna cush auto11 didnt germ cali dream5 didnt germinate

What do you do for germinate? And where do you get the seed

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If you ordered from ILGM, send them an email and they’ll replace them. This is a grow forum and not the seed shop: it won’t help to post about it here.

I ordered 40 seeds and have 12bannana auto and 11 california seeds is there a germ guarantee

Steprock1 order2051084 9 california dream and11 bannana cush auto i sent my bank acct number i had trust from the super skunk that didnt germlast yeari will order again next year but will stick with 1 strain i know some locals who were using seedsman but bragged on you

There is a germination guarantee. Email the seed store and follow their instructions for replacement. This is a grow forum provided by the seed store (nice of them) but is not otherwise affiliated with them.

I ordered 10 get 10 california and 10 get 10 bannana cush auto 9 california didnt and 11 cush didnt i soaked them in a rag for 5 days the others were ot in 2 days steprock1. Thanks