My seeds are sprouting! *happy dance*

I’m just so excited I had to tell somebody. :smiley:

It’s my first real grow and I’ve been trying for weeks to get something to come up and now I’m seeing little green sprouts pushing up thru the soil. Squee!


Droobie … Yay! Great news! I planted my seeds two days ago and they should be up by the weekend. I can hardly wait to see the little sprouts. Did you plant in the ground or in a pot?

In two Solo cups with drainage holes punched in the bottom, filled to the tippy top with Burpee seed starting mix.
I’ve just been moving them from my bedroom windowsill to my balcony to the top of my refrigerator, whichever is warmest at the time. Babysitting them like human newborns practically.
Are you new at this too?

you should fined a good spot and stop moving them around so much they need to be stable to much moving and different lighting could cause shock and you don’t want that…they need a set lighten schedule something like 18 and 6 is good for veg.stage

Droobie … I’m just guessing but keeping them in one location might be better. How much sunlight does your balcony get? I had to find a place out back that would get the most sun and still not be seen by my neighbor. Last year I planted a couple down in my fields and my elderly neighbor lady found them while she was picking blackberries. I don’t post No Tresspassing signs, but I don’t let anyone hunt on my property.

Last year was my first year growing and I planted 3 White Widow seeds in 8 gallon pots. I used Miracle Grow Potting Mix and in the center at the top of the pot, I used Miracle Grow for Seeds. Last year I was pretty successful doing it this way. All three plants grew just fine and I harvested them the first week of October. I didn’t even plant the seeds until July 1st last year and was worried it wasn’t enough time for them to grow before October. I live in Virginia and the night time temps are up to about 60+ degrees and warm during the day, so I felt okay about planting them two days ago. This year I’m planting White Widow and Super Silver Haze. I screwed up though when my seeds came … I mixed the two strains together. So I don’t know which is which. I’m hoping when they get big someone can help me identify the indica and the sativa for me.

If you go to the Beginner Forum marked under the Seed category I posted a couple of pictures of where I planted my girls.

Wishing you all the best!

My balcony and bedroom window both face north so I don’t get a lot of direct sun. Also the temperature has still been getting kind of low here overnight so I didn’t want to leave them on the balcony or the windowsill but at the same time I wanted them to get as much sunlight as possible when it’s available.
What did your neighbor lady do when she found your plants? I just got notice my apartment complex is doing a “state inspection” of random apartments this Friday. I’m even kind of paranoid my recent “international shipments” (ahem) and some of my gardening purchases (CFLs, a light timer, etc) might have tipped that off. I don’t think my sprouts will be grown out enough by then to be able to tell what they are but if they are I was thinking of bringing them to work with me along with my grow gear. I know it’s not ideal, but …
Maybe I’ll just buy a pack of tomato seeds and leave it lying around ripped open.

Hi Droobie,

The neighbor that was down in my fields is about 80 years old. My seedlings were only about 4 inches tall and they were planted next to the blueberries. I was walking my dog when I saw her next to one of my plants. I’m fairly certain she didn’t know what it was, but was probably curious why I was planting anything at all down there. The next day I moved my two WW babies up closer to the house and put them in pots.

That sucks that you could have a random “state inspection.” What are they supposed to be inspecting? Holes in the walls … drugs … ripped up carpet? I think the whole thing sounds stressful and quite intrusive. Let us know what happens tomorrow.


I’m not sure. Whenever they come around to check smoke alarms or something like that they say in the notice that’s the reason. And they just did a check for some chemical about a week ago and those kind of checks are usually very infrequent. That’s why I wanted to clear out anything that might cause trouble and hope that’s the end of the drop-ins for at least a few months. And my sprouts have little bitty leaves now so if that’s what they’re checking for they’d likely know what they were looking at. I think they’d be ok in my truckbed for one day.

Hi could you explain how to post s topic or question on this forum? I’m a new grower and need direction:)
I can’t figure out how to post on this forum thank you

Just choose a Category that would best fits your question. When you do scroll down to the very bottom
and you will see that it will say Why don’t you create a topic and there you have it and you’ll see little icons mover you
pointer them and you’[[ be able to add pic;s

Hope this helps ya out


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Droobie … hope your babies are safe and sound today.

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They are happily sunbathing in the brightest spot on my balcony. No more random search evacuations on the horizon. One of them got a little stretched but I think she’ll be okay.

Glad to hear that your grow is off to a Happy start :slight_smile:

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