😱My seeds are here😁😁😁

!!! Im so excited i just got my seeds and boosters in the mail today! First time customer here in the U.S Philadelphia and i am so pleased with all the support i have recieved. my seeds took 14 days! i was so shocked and happy.Early Christmas for sure


right on. happy growing.
i too am delighted with the service from this website. most impressive.


First time customer an I couldn’t be happier with ilgm they are a great bunch


First shipment of WW & SS didn’t make it but true to form ILGM re-shipped and they have arrived. Just placed another order today! Going to try a WW in a small greenhouse but will wait until August - Sept to plant the rest of the seeds once the temps have picked up here! You have another long term happy customer here!

Great to hear, thanks and happy seeding!

Yep ,
All good shipped to Australia with stealth
A couple of weeks and the were in my post box.
stoked …

DOUBLE AWESOME: I was skeptical when the nutrients arrived without seeds (US 48 states). But there was so much positive feedback that I kept my cool and politely inquired to ILGM support. I was blown away by their prompt re-ship and this time the seeds arrived with no problem. Weeks later after reporting to them I had troubles with some of their seeds/strains not germinating they sent me a replacement again. While I am holding off germing these new ones, the White Widow fem from the original order is doing amazingly well - which makes this newbie a very happy camper who will be a returning customer for sure. Thank you ILGM!

So good to hear a happy customer, thanks googlit!

Hapy growing!

What took so long LOL 15 days round trip. Awesome.