My seedlings are dying!


@M4ur I’ve been drying for 8 days and they aren’t even ready to put into jars imo. Why is it taking so long? Is this normal?


Nice haul! How are you drying? Ideally rh would be around 40-50% and you have a small amount of air moving around them, in a cool dark place. Seems like they are maybe too close together while sweating, you really don’t want the buds touching each other if you can avoid it. They will transfer moisture from one bud to the other that way.


If the buds are sticking together, I’d put them back into a paper bag for a day or two. Once in jars or plastic, I shake then around a couple times a day until I’m satisfied they’re not sticking.


@PhantomFarmer they were sticking and it’s been 8 days. Humidity at 50 temperature at 70

I’m just having them sit in that bin on the ground of my closet :smiley: I’ll move some of them into another container so they have more room.


Cool! If you can get them on something that some air will move through and around would be best. I’ve seen several people take a container like you have and cut a small hole in each side, then use something like a computer fan to pull air through and out. Usually has some screen about two inches off the bottom to allow air under the buds.


I tried putting a drying rack, but it wouldn’t fit :frowning:

I moved some of the buds into a shoe box to free some room.


Walmart and the home improvement stores sell rolls of screen for stuff like window screen repair. You can pick them up for a few bucks usually. I would maybe try your hand at building a custom one to fit. You could probably even do multiple layers and have enough room for all of it.

Last thing you want to do is lose any of those nugs to mold.


You shouldn’t have them in a bin or jars until they’re sufficiently dried… that will cause mold and is the reason your buds don’t smell very good …like @dbrn32 said no bud should be touching eachother until dry…nice looking bud hopefully the smell will come back for you :+1:


For in the future wait till the stems start to crack or snap then trim them up and put in to jars if they still fell bendy then they’re not ready for jars…they will feel crunchy on outside but squeeze the bud a little and it should retain its form if it flattens and stays that way there is still to much moisture in the bud…if so still trim up and put in paper bags overnight and check in morning squeeze again… don’t leave in bags to long or you may over dry…jar up when retains form…check frequently as you dont want to over dry…


A slow dry is better so don’t sweat it if it takes a little longer. Ideally you want your temp between 65-75F (70 is ideal) and your humidity between 45-55% during the drying period. If you have big, dense buds (which it looks like you do) drying will take longer. Basically you are trying to dry them out at conditions just below where mold would occur. The slower drying process will remove more chlorophyll than if you dried them faster.


What’s wrong with her?

@Bogleg @WillyJ @dbrn32 @M4ur


@Whitewidownoobie let’s start a support ticket, so we know what you have going on…


She needs help quick if she is in soil than she has been deficient for sometime and needs help quickly. My first suggestion would be to flush her right away until the ppm is damn near zero with properly pH water.


Fill out that support ticket so we can get an idea of what you’re working with.





Damn of course tmv good job @donaldj I was hoping it wasn’t that but it’s pretty undeniable good eye


@Donaldj so I should just throw the plant in the garbage? :frowning:


@dbrn32 @Usmcjojo


Sorry but no real cure except control spreads from contact from leaf to leaf and looks well set in you could flower plant out just won’t be super yields and if you have other plants needs quarantine


Can they be in the same room or no? Cuz the plants is next to my other ones, but if it isn’t touching is that okay?