My seedlings are dying!


@Whitewidownoobie yes absolutely! I didn’t wait but maybe two days after doing so on mine. Also you could look into taking a cutting two weeks into flower for a monster crop clone. Highly recommend to try. It’s a crazy looking plant with tons of pre flowers. I’ll get another shot of it today under better lighting.



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Flourescent NEEDS to be less than a foot away now…a few inches when plants are established better…that fixture gives some nice light for a starter project but flouros dont penetrate like HIDs and quality LEDs…whenever you do upgrade lights, that one is PERFECT for clones and seed starting…my very 1st crop in 1979 was under cool white bulbs…worked good enuf that now, 38 yrs later, Its my favorite hobby…YT


How do I water these and what ph do I do it at? I soaked the cubes at 5.5ph. How long do they sit in the cubes for and do you think they will root? I used a rooting solution, but I’ve never cloned before.

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I’m not a expert on this stuff, I only take clones for experiments and that is because I broke stuff :))).
I was using 6.5ph water and I only spray it on the leaves(and a little down because you don’t want to have a dry medium). Also you need to keep the RH high. I think @Donaldj or @WillyJ can help you whit clones.


So I don’t water them? I only spray till moist? Is the cube suppose to be soaking?


The nugs feel kind of crispy and the ones that are on stems, the stems just bend, but don’t break. Are they ready to be put into jars?

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For this (harvest question). I think I may say yes, clip them off and jar them. I think you will need to open the jar at least 3 times a day (10-15 min) for the first 5 days and twice a day for another 10 days maybe… but all depends on the condition you have there, it’s good to have RH meters in each jar… Also people use boveda packs 62% to store they stuff for longer periods… I
don’t use because
1.i don’t have any
2. My stuff don’t last long :wink:


@M4ur so even if the stuff isn’t fully dried I should jar? Cuz the stems aren’t breaking off


In my experience, I hang them until the stems crackle and crunch when bent, cut the buds from the stem and then paper bag them. Keep the bag mostly closed for a few days to a week and then into plastic or glass. A hygrometer at this point is good and then open the jars a time or two daily until RH gets down where you want it.

No idea why I typed all that, really. The answer is, when the stems crackle, you’re ready for the next step.


Is there a cloning question here I missed?

You have already cut dipped and placed in medium leave a small skiff of water in the tray don’t soak rockwool heavy misting isn’t a must and I don’t even bother anymore honestly. Cloning is about making your plants root if you mist and they get enough moisture out of environment they have little need to and tend to take longer I use a file and forget method :wink: I cut prep and place into rooters peat rockwool doesn’t much matter then I put a layer of clay pellets in my tray and add enough water to give me 1/4" in bottom place cuttings in their pods into tray using the clay to support and plop dome on fully closed. I place tray in warm place lower light levels or at distance from my lights here’s the forget part I do absolutely nothing don’t peak don’t mist don’t move them for 5 days then I simply open vents 1/4 for next 3 days at which point I do quick check and add a bit of water to my tray if they have roots or not and leave them alone again. If I cut clones while mother was in a low N state by 8 days roots have usually started to form if not I leave them longer I have had stubborn strains from young mothers take over 2 weeks and easy strains root in first 5 days. The trick is you want them to search for water only from their bottoms if misted they can potentially drink enough from leaves the dome being closed and tray having water in it produces a 90-100% RH so they have humidity.


Should I be using water with 6.5 ph? Cuz I’m lazy and just using the water I use to water my plants.


either works


How many days until I should be able to visually see the roots?


That depends greatly on the mother plants diet and age prior to taking cutting can be as little as 5 days or 2-3 weeks


@Donaldj buds are sticking together some while I have them in jars. If I keep the jars open will it prevent it from molding?


How do I give my buds a better smelll?
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I wonder how much I’ll get LOL. I’ve been saying that all along.

Big shoutout to all the support! I enjoyed this journey and without you guys who knows what would of happened :wink: Thanks again! :blush:

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Put everything in jar and open 10-15 min 3 times for first 2 days then twice a day another 10 days maybe more… The smell will become nicer in time…
Boveda 62%RH will help a lot…ALso is good to have some small humidity meters and put them inside the jars.
Hope this help.