My seedlings are dying!


I’ll pitch it.

More pictures to come in the next few hours :wink:

@M4ur @Covertgrower


You have people who help you :joy: nice… After you trimm the branches put them on scale and weigh them… Busy busy busy I like it :+1:tumblr_odc2dzJ1bM1vdh2zfo1_500


@M4ur gotta love labor that will trim your plants for a free :dash: :slightly_smiling_face::nerd_face:

How long do I dry them for?


That depends on your condition of drying space.
I put mine in the attic (55-65F and 35-55 RH) for 3 days, after that I put everything in paper bags for 1 more day, clip the buds and jar them. I opened my jar twice a day for 10 -15 min…
Don’t forget, this is how I do it in the condition I have here…
After you hang them, just check the stem, if she almost snap it’s ready for next process…

PS Try to not touch the buds to much because the trichomes will stick to your hands or gloves if you use, and this way you will lose some.
Do you planning to wash your harvest?


I don’t plan on washing. Seems weird imo. What are the benefits of doing so?


Your plants have a lot of dust, hair and many other things stick to your buds so it’s like your fruits, you wash them before you eat.
Others say that also improves the taste and smell…



Do you do it before or after drying?


Before… Just after you trimm everything… It’s good to have a small fan. Wach them closely and be sure the dry space have enough fresh air. Again…wach some video on YouTube before you do it.


Should I have a fan in my drying closest? I feel like I’ll dry them out too much


Just for one day I will put a fan… Look at the video I posted.
I do this after I wash them because they are very wet. I also weigh the harvest before I wash.


When you wash your bud as in video you should put a fan directly on them for a minimum of a few hours to help get excess moisture of
Also dont be afraid to shake dry them a little bit when tou first remove from bath just so it gently
You should keep a fan running in drying room during the entire drying time checking moisture daily and inspecting for mold or other issues at this time
I try to maintain a 50% humidity level minimum and temps at 70-72 degrees in my room
A room with low humidity will dry buds out fast fyi @Whitewidownoobie


@Whitewidownoobie you’re getting good advice. I’m late to the party, but my timezone is a bit behind. I washed all of my buds with some hydrogen peroxide. I had diatomaceous earth all over everything, but it all comes off with a light bath. What I did was did a dunk, spin, and a shuffle dunking to get all the water uniformly washed all over everything. After the bath, I shake vigorously and spin them like a top between my fingers. It spins most of the water out. It makes me feel pride when I give some away knowing I cared enough to take the time to wash everything. I hope this helps. I didn’t keep any fan leaves either.


What’s this stuff in my soil?


@Whitewidownoobie it kind of looks like a dead leaf. Is it dead algae maybe? I dont know just a thought.


Weird… Seems the soil is compacted near that stick… And I’m thinking of dead leaves +water and the result is that… Try to scratch that surface and mix it… Try to identify what it’s…


@Covertgrower @M4ur It doesn’t seem harmful, but I was curious.

If i’m limited on space for drying, how should I do it?


The grow space is always good. Or a bathroom. As long as there’s a fan pretty much. @Whitewidownoobie


@Covertgrower I don’t have a fan in there right now cuz I want them to dry slow.


You can still dry them slow with a a fan, but you just don’t want mold happening with stagnant air. This does depend on the humidity also. @Whitewidownoobie


If I clone off a big plant, would it be okay to put her right into flower after?