My seedlings are dying!


@bob31 white widow and I put them in on October 1st


So you changed the lights on 1 Oct? Give them 10 days for flowering to begin that puts you at 6 weeks. You have around two weeks left @Whitewidownoobie but it could be longer.

Do you have a Jewelers loupe or a heavy duty magnifier? You will need to look at the trichomes to determine when they are ready.

Also a pic of you plants would be good to see as well.


@bob31 I don’t have one, but I will go and buy one!

I’m getting the new iphone which is delivered on December 10th then my photos will be sexy :wink:


sounds good. I take pics with an android that is almost 5 years old.They haven’t thrown me off the forum yet! lol @Whitewidownoobie


I trimmed one down. What should I do with the trim and popcorn nugs and how do I dry them?

Here is the smallest plants yield.

@garrigan65 @dbrn32 @M4ur


You need to let the popcorn buds on stem… After you get them from hanging, you trim them down and jar them out :+1:


I’m guessing you’re going with box to dry leaves and small buds from pic? The box looks a little packed, I’d make sure that stuff is getting rotated regularly.


I should keep the trim out to dry? @dbrn32 @M4ur

Is moving them into here better?


You need to slowly dry them or you can freeze them.


How do I slowly dry them? I have some hung at 68 degrees and 51 percent humidity


Perfect… You need to treat the trimming like buds :slight_smile:


^ I agree.

They were probably fine, as long as they were moved around in the box regularly. When it gets thick the top layers can keep the bottom from thoroughly drying is all.


@dbrn32 @M4ur

Perfect :slight_smile: I’ll buy something to lay the trim on!

This is a plant and a half. I have 6. How much weed do you think I’ll be?


The picture is not uploaded, try again please


@M4ur I got it now


Looking great @Whitewidownoobie if you weigh it all, 20% of that will be the DRY weight.


Like @Covertgrower said you will get around 20% of dry product


Are fan leafs worth keeping? @Covertgrower
@dbrn32 @M4ur


I don’t keep the big ones, I also don’t use stems or something else from plant… Only sugar leaves and buds. I saw people using a lot from their plants.


I’m with him ^