My seedlings are dying!


Quick update on the plants. Threw 6 of them into flower and 6 are still sitting in the veg tent until I buy two more lights or these finish budding. Should I move them into something bigger then a 5 gallon pot?

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All seedlings are like this at this stage I just support them with a peg and tie them together and as as already been said have a fan blowing on them gently,I’m on my 3rd grow and each of my other grows have been singular, my first grow i scrogged and she was huge I got a pound wet off of her and my next I grew with just topping and fimming and she was huge to, this time I have 4 plants in there, 2 scrogged 2 not and they are fighting each other for room


I finish my indoor grows in five gallon pots all the time
If you want bigger plants go with bigger pots if you trying to keep them small use smaller pots but five gallon pots you can grow 8 foot plants if you had the room so your fine @Whitewidownoobie
Looking good bro


Yeah I have 5 gallon fabric pots and my plants are almost as tall as me now and I’m 5ft 9inches, so growing 8 ft is not a problem


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These boy’s have you pointed in he wright direction.



How much bud do you think I’ll get?

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Sorry not a good guesstimator 1.5-2 oz per plant would be decent


Me neither, what’s there for light?




I don’t see any reason you wouldn’t be in the 1/4 to 1/2 pound range if things stay well.


@dbrn32 per plant? @Donaldj

How much longer until I see buds?


I was thinking total.

But it’s really hard to guess at that stuff. You figure a top notch grower will pull a gram per watt with hid, limited by area of vegatative growth of course. If you’re at half that, would put you right in the range I expected. Not to say to you couldn’t do better or worse, but that’s a pretty solid indoor haul in my opinion.


@dbrn32 I have 630 watts worth of light so I’m assuming I’ll get .5 per watt and get 315 grams


I didn’t realize you had 2, sorry. In that case sure, from 6 plants right? I could see 1/2 pound plus.


@dbrn32 yeah, just the 6 plants. Once those bud I’ll move 6 more in.


2400 ppm run off. I’m just giving it water for the next two weeks or until it looks better because I think it has too much nutrients. What do you guys think?

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Run off ppm is a bit high and ph water is good move
What week of flower you In ? Nice hat nutrients you using ??


@Countryboyjvd1971 they have been budding for 3 weeks and fox farm trio


Have you done a flush at all since you started flowering ? Ff tends to build up salt which needs to be flushed out occasionally @Whitewidownoobie

Here feeding schedule if you don’t have it
If you look it shows to flush between veg and flower and again at the theee week in flower
It also shows ppm in week three at the high end ahould be 2100 ppm @Whitewidownoobie
So in general once in flower the want you to flush every three weeks
Hope this helps you out bro


@Countryboyjvd1971 I’ll flush and see what happens. After the flush do I add nutrients right away?