My seedlings are dying!


And this chart will help you if you want to top/fimm her.


You can do this to one plant first and see how you handle this technique :wink:


@M4ur I will :slight_smile:

I just don’t like hurting my babies :frowning:


What website did you get the great deal from? For LEDs?


I recommend you to watch some videos first about what I tell you!!!


You said “@M4ur, I just went to their web site and there was a link to their free trial package, full line. They put in my zip code, asked a few questions about my expectations on their product and then later that day, after I told them I wanted to pay via PayPal they sent me a money request and I paid and sent them my transaction number. My full line, all quarts, according to the listing, cost me $28.00. They sent me an UPS tracking number and it was shipped out today!

May I ask what website & product?


Hi @PHamm , its the nutrient line of Nectar for the Gods by Oregon’s only. I can’t put the link here as it is against the rules but if you key in those key words and type in “sample” it should take you to their page. I don’t know if they are still giving out samples but it’s a pretty good deal


@Rugar89 @Countryboyjvd1971 @M4ur

Do you think I’ll be fine without a humidifier in my flower room?


I don’t have one and I’m doing pretty well, but depends how low it’s is RH level. You can use a wet fabric towel.


Update on my girls
@M4ur @Rugar89


Looking great!


Nice! I hope you can rise up the lights


@M4ur I can lol. I’m about to put together my flower room


@M4ur do u think I should take clones now?


I’m don’t know much about cloning but I will tag @Donaldj and him know a lot of things about cloning.



Can take clones in this stage?
@Whitewidownoobie how old are them?


@Whitewidownoobie the guide @Donaldj posted is a graft resource for info
I’ve taken clones as late as third week in flower myself
Good luck with the clones


@Donaldj your clone could end up being male or female?


Very strange conjecture a clone is genetic twin of it’s mother (identical) meaning same sex and genes, so if the plant a cutting is taken from is female so too is the clone which is why many keep mother plants and flower clones or take cuttings before flowering to save a plants genetics :wink: