My seedlings are dying!


@M4ur is on point 1/2 gal or so if you plants are in veg
Will take more during flower


@M4ur @Countryboyjvd1971

I just moved them into 5 gallons. To make their roots spread into the 5 gallons pots don’t I have to keep all the soil moist?


That I say to water them just enough to see the runoff! :grin:


I water my 3 gallon fabric pots with 1 gallon to get runoff.
I water my 5 gallon fabric pots 1 1/2 to 2 gallons to get runoff depending on how dry they are.


@M4ur @Rugar89

Are we talking just a little bit of runoff? Just right until I see runoff?


Yes… I don’t know many things about gallon (in my country is ml/l…) so…
Exemple: You water her whit 4L of water will be OK if you get 250ml runoff.
Hope you will understand :wink:


I water until the saucer the pot is sitting in is about half full. But that is with fabric pots and they drain really well. This gives me enough runoff to check PH and PPM levels.
I’m not sure with those plastic pots your using.


@Whitewidownoobie @Rugar89 and @M4ur
Are giving good advice i would them water till runoff


@Countryboyjvd1971 @M4ur @Rugar89

Do you think they’re ready for flower?

My camera quality sucks because of my phone case. I’ll have better pictures in the future.


If I was you… I will start the flower process but first I will do a little LST technique because them will still growing up(that depends on how tall is your space and how much you can rise your lights) :wink:
Reminds me, how old them are?



They’re 40 days old from sprout and I will have to google what the LST technique is. My tent is 7 feet tall and I can raise my lights to 6 feet


Is tall enough.
LST is low stress training. Make a search on YouTube for some video and you will be able to see how is done.
See if you can LST them a little bit and then you can change the schedule. I think this is best way.
PS Bend them very gently and be careful not to broke them


@M4ur why is stressing them good? Do you think I’ll be good with 6 feet of height?

Should I remove yellow leafs or try and fix the problem?


The space is ok(very tall)
The stress is not good but this will help your plants to get more light on the lower level of the plant


@M4ur do you have any idea on how much yield I’ll get and should I remove yellow leafs or try fixing the problem


Definitely you need to solve the problem and yes you can remove them. About the yield…no one can tell you that.
You top/fimm your plants?


@M4ur I haven’t done anything, but let them grow :slight_smile: I’ve just been watering

I’ve fed a few of them a couple times With nutrients and I kinda feel like I’ve been over watering because with them being in gallon pots and moved to 5 gallon the one gallon roots are wet and the rest of the soil is More dry


@M4ur I think my problem is that I’m feeding them and they don’t need it. Since being moved to 5 gallons from one they have a lot more soil with nutrients in it


Look at my plant this is fimmed once and I LST her

And this is her big sister(topped and fimming very many times) ! (both are autoflowering strain)


@M4ur I’ll probably give it a try. They look good and I see what you mean about the light being able to hit more of the plant