My seedlings are dying!


What is the growing media?


That is a personal choice. I usually veg for 8-10 weeks. I have also
transplanted to 5 gallon pots at least 2 weeks before flowering.


@dbrn32 happy frog soil

@latewood is there signs of knowing when I need to give them nutrients?


Oh cool was going to say your going to get crowded lol but woohoo separate flower room :+1:


You’re probably at about the right time to start giving them nutrients. Fox farm nutes too? If so, probably start at about 1/4 strength of the recommended dose every other or every third watering. Should work out that you’re giving nutes about once a week give or take. You can gradually increase feeding from there, just watch how they react.


@Countryboyjvd1971 a second room is nice :grinning:

@dbrn32 I’ll start feeding them lightly and watch closely. Thank you for your input. I’m using fox farm nutrients


When you transplant can u use the old Soil?


When I transplant I measure how tall the pot they are in is, and the new pot, and add enough fresh soil to the new pot to put them about the same height from the top that they are now. Then turn them upside down and support the top of the soil with the palm of my hand, and let the plant and soil slide out of the old pot. Then sit the plant in the new pot, soil and all. Then add more fresh soil as filler around the edges of the larger pot.
It helps to give them a heavy watering and then let the soil dry for a day or two before transplant. This will help keep most of the soil intact around the roots when removing the plant.


That’s how I do it too.:+1:t2:


This feed chart has a thing for ppm’s does that mean ppms of the water I’m watering with or the runoff?

@Sharkslayer @dbrn32


Good question, I’m not 100% sure. I have very very limited experience with the fox farms stuff, but those numbers seem like they should be runoff numbers. Using earth juice and canna I’ve never feed over 1300, and that’s only a couple feedings per grow.

But they could intend you to feed that high, and maybe that’s why everyone recommends using less than full strength. Best to follow advice of someone who uses it.


@dbrn32 do u know anyone who uses it?


Rugar is I think. But I’m not sure how long he’s been using it.

Did you check their website for any clarification? I’m pretty sure they have a support number or email you can reach out to as well.


@dbrn32 I’ll check the website and see what I can find.


I use the FF trio. Those numbers from what I’ve been told are for PPM in, but I don’t go off that schedule or feed any where near that amount listed. First thing you need to do is check your runoff PPM and see where your soil is at to start with. Im using FFOF which is hotter then FFHF, so I have just recently started giving nutes. Depending on your PPM now, you can probably start with 1 to 1 1/2tsp of Big Bloom, but I wouldn’t go more then 1/4tsp of Grow Big because its strong stuff and hikes the PPM numbers way up. Again depending where your at now, I would try to go in around 1000 PPM. Im still trying to figure this stuff out myself.


@Rugar89 that information is terrifying to me lol… I am worried I’ll screw everything up with this nutrients… ughhhh :slightly_frowning_face:

What should my ppm for runoff read for me to start feeding them?

I guess I can start with less and always add more if need be.

Can I buy a nutrient bottle with just one specific thing in it? Like just nitrogen? If I wanted to experiment and see if the plant is having a certain deficiency.

How often do you give nutrients?


Scares me too! That’s why I’m going slow with it. And I have one in flower.
I would say start adding if your PPM is below maybe 800 or 900. Now is the time you need to take notes of everything if you don’t already. I water to runoff and check PH and PPM out every time I water. You need to know if the plant is using the nutes you give them.
So say you water/feed and the runoff comes out at 1400, and the next water you get 1300 runoff, you know the plant isn’t using the nutes your giving it. Then its time to back off on the nutes. But if it comes out at say 900, then you know she is using them so you can give a little more next time. Watch for the very tips of the leaves starting to yellow, and they might do that with the first feeding till they get used to the nutes even if you didn’t over feed.


And don’t let any splash on the leaves when watering! Or it will leave yellow splash marks from nute burn on the leaves.


@Rugar89 I have 16 plants so this seems like a lot of work and brain power… :slightly_frowning_face:

I’ll be off work in an hour and I want to show you my plants close up and u tell me what you think



I only have 4 and it keeps me busy!