My seedlings are being strange/sick

Hi growers,

I have started to grow my own weed fairly recently and I have very limited experience. I stared with two recently. 3 weeks later, my seedlings are having hard times, and the leaves are curling up (I read they call it praying hand), have brown-lines marks on them, and they are getting yellow.

I have recently treated them from gnats larva with HP 3% 1 to 4 measures water. Apparently the soil I got was bad. lesson learned. I hope the pictures won’t scare you.

Is there any thing to do to fix this or should I just restart from scratch?

Thank you!!

@epicvision Try a dome made out of the bottom of a clear plastic 1 liter soda bottle and mist the inside a few times a day. @Myfriendis410 @beardless @Nicky

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Bad it what way?
Hopefully it is a temporary reaction to the HP.

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What is the soil?
Is there any perlite in it?
Are you PH’ing your water?
To be honest your better off starting from scratch and within a week your plants will be that size or bigger if you set them up correctly.

But I would avoid soil and grow in promix hp or mix coco coir and perlite, with a chosen nutrient line.
You do want high humidity in the 90% range for the first bit and then start following a VPD. Chart.

Ide start fresh while trying to nurse these ones and when you see how fast your new ones grow when done right you will toast those ones.

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Hey y’all,

Thank you for your responses. I suspected that I may need to regrow them. Here is more information:

  1. Soil is Sta-garden potting mix I think they have perlite and fertilizers for up to 9 months.
  2. I just ordered PH measuring tool
  3. I also started giving them CalMag and micro nuts 2 weeks ago

I am not sure I feel comfortable yet using new medium like coco coir and others. However, I just download the amazing step by step guide from this website and gonna start reading.

I got this organic potting mix this time instead the other one I got. Is this a good mix to start fresh? Or just wait and learn how to work with coco and others?

Thank you!!

There is your issue
So the 9 month thing means it’s like miracle grow, it has nitrogen pellets in the soil which are toxic for cannabis.

You want some sort of organic rich preferably ocean based (with kelp) soil and the you add perlite until its about 30% perlite because cannabis loves airey soil.

Start over and I strongly suggest you go with promix HP or coco perlite. It will be much better, bigger stronger faster, less math and Geuss work and less work.
I grew in soil until a year ago and it’s not a great medium.
Go out and buy some coco and perlite or promix HP and grow one side by side a soil one.
Coco is easier to grow then soil, soil seems like it would be way but its not. It’s easy for the first 3 or 4 weeks and then it gets complicated because no soil will have enough nutrients to produce good buds and your plant starts to starve so then nutrient math gets complicated as to what’s left in the soil so you don’t over feed and burn your plant making it toxic and yada yada…

Coming from me an experienced grower who has grown in soil and coco, you want to grow in coco

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I’M SOLD. Almost, I am increasing the amount of coco I add to my peat mix. You make a very strong argument for further consideration.


Thank you, Nicky!

This is what I expected too, but I wanted to hear it from an expert! I got a irrigation system, Promix HP and seedlings starter kit, and a humidifier. Yaay!

I have a 300W Led light. How far should it be from the seedlings?

Can’t wait to start right this time!! Thank you so much for your input! :slight_smile:

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What light exactly do you have?

I am using this light