My seedling sprout came out of the soil with yellow leaves . is this normal?

my seedling sprout just popped out of the soil and its cotyledons and its sucker leaves are yellow , I am using black gold natural & organic soil and I added perlite. I grew this strain before using roots organic original and when the seed sprouted the leaves were very green . why is this happening ? I used black gold natural & organic in the past and I did not have this problem. do you think I mite of got a bad batch of black gold natural & organic ? and is this seedling sprout doomed because it was born with yellow leaves ?

It could be the soil. That is hot but, you said that you used it in the past with no issues. So; I have to guess that you over watered the sprout causing it to drown and yellow. Peace.lw

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Ya, I would agree with Latewood.
But then it could also be nitrogen deficiency, caused by ONLY overwatering, in order to fix this; you must stop watering so heavily/frequently.
Here is a pic of a seedling over watered. Having nitrogen deficiency.



I’m finding it is VERY EASY to overwater! Starting to see that has been one of my biggest problems in my past grows! Second only to not keeping up with the Ph levels.

It’s amazing I ever had a successful harvest.

You hang in there and you’ll do just fine my friend


Hi, I’m new and not sure how to create a post. My plants are a week and a half old from seedlings and ignore got up today and noticed the leaves are slightly yellow and brown tips. I’m growing in coco and my phone level is 6 so could anyone please help me with this problem. I would post pic but don’t know how.

OK. Your last post made little sense to me but, I can say this. I would not start seeds in Coco.

FYI: You are not 1.5 weeks from seedling because, your seed just sprouted, making it a sprout. It is a seedling when it has 4-5 true sets of alternating leaves.

In the future get some peat starter cubes or rockwool cubes to start your seeds.

I can only guess that issue is due to starting in Coco. FFR: If you gave it nutrients as this early stage, you would experience the same issue. Sorry I cannot be of more help. :slight_smile:

Nitrogen deficiency in a seedling. I’m no expert but I never seen that. Just plain overwatered. Unless overwatering causes nitrogen deficiency

Ok uhm… why is it this color

… the bud I got it from was super neon green… idk help me out :man_shrugging:t2: