My seedling has pistils


Hi, I tried looking this up and can’t finf any information. I germinated 3 seeds three days ago unfortunately I did not plant them deep enough. One did survive. The seed was stuck to the seedling so I did a little surgery on it which I have done in the past with no trouble. I go to look at the seedling this morning and I’m kind of surprised! I see pistils coming out of the the little leaves. The leaves are a odd shape as well. image


Speechless. It’s been a strange season. I have a 6 week old outdoor Gold Leaf two weeks into flower. 18 hrs of sun a day.


It might have gotten a case of jangly ganglia: it ought to figure out what’s up pretty soon.


wow, thats strange. Super quick flowering


That happened to me last year! I started my plants inside and brought them outside in May and they started to flower. I put grow lights on my deck and they reveged. I did the same thing this year and started the lights as soon as I put them out and they did not go into flower. Tomorrow I will not need the lights any longer.


Is that really a thing the plant can get?


Nah; I was jokingly stating that it’s confused and probably will settle right down.


Certainly made me chuckle, @Myfriendis410, I sort of had the same thought when I saw the picture.
I am hoping that it does not have a gender identity crisis when it goes to flower…


should I toss this seedling? I don’t see any other leaves forming and the leaves on it looked deformed. It is still growing in height.


Those are not pistils. Pistils only grow from the Calyx. These hairs would be something local to this strain and is probably a defense mechanism of some kind.


Do you think this seedling is hopeless or should I just wait to see what it does?


Sorry all not sure if I’m suppose to start a new topic ok not! This will be my second year growing and still have a lot to learn. Do these look like they are starting to flower?


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Yes. you can see pistils shooting out of calyx in 2nd pik


Watch to see what happens. Without some images, it is hard to give you a more informed answer. :slight_smile: