My seedling are slowly

My seedlings are growing one at a time. Should I move the ones that are growing fast to a separate space to control the lighting better so they can start a schedule. I have a grow box small but so are my plants for now. Also having trouble with placing the light in the grow box. The little one came up today. Still waiting on more. I just noticed that their are roots coming to the side of one and the bottom of the other. They have been in the pods for one week today. From seed to know. The popped up on Thursday hours behind each other. And one today so excited. Please help.

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Fellow beginner here I can speak from the research I’ve done that roots do not like light so the any roota sticking out of the pellet will just stop growing until you put it into a bigger container of soil. On my first attempt at growing I used pete pellets but soon found some fail to allow roots through, which ends up stunting the growth! Imo I would germinate in paper towel till taproot is about an inch or 3/4 of an inch then place it right into a cup of soil root pointing down. Everyone has there own way but I think you will have better success rate.

You need to put those seedlings into their own pots like right now.


Are you planning on putting all those plants in that one box?