My second plant- power plant auto (help, one funky leaf!)

But they are autos so possibly could stunt one but I’m willing to take the risk

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It’s a pretty good break but hopefully it will heal and form a knuckle

Here is an update on my powerplant. I am very happy with how she is growing! She’s bigger than my first one! She’s still not in full flower and still growing! To my amazement her broken branch recovered and is growing new leaves! Can’t believe it as it broke off and was hanging by a thread!


Heck ya looks great!!!good job

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Thanks! I’m so proud of this one! I think she’s going to be a big one! Can’t wait to harvest my lemon amnesia to make space for my Power Plant😂

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I was wondering if it’s normal for an auto to not be in full flower by week 7. I am abit worried with this power plant auto. She does have her pre-flowering pistols at the nodes but she’s going to hit week 7 from sprouting tomorrow! She’s also still growing and is really getting quite large at this point. (i must add that this is also a South African ruderalis strain, not sure if that could be a reason?)
Here are some pics. Also compared to my first auto…

@hornhead had autos veg for 2 months

Okay great, so it’s not a bad thing? Was worried…

Nope you should just end up with more bud I think hornhead got a lb off his auto that vegged along time but he also got free seeds because they should flower way be for that

Okay cool, yeah because space is becoming an issue with my other plant. Hopefully she will be ready to harvest soon to make space…

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Fuck I hope I get a lb off of this one! Wow😮

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I know sound crazy but he did it I seen the pics he will see tag and be here

That’s insane, wow. Well I guess it’s not the worst thing that she has a long veg, the bigger the more yeild I guess! :grin:

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Your plant looks perfect

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Awww thank you! :slightly_smiling_face: Yeah she is quite the beauty, regardless of that stem break disaster :joy:. I can definitely already see improvement in my growing techniques as it is my second plant. Did not expect her to be such a beastly plant haha need this amnesia lemon to plant to get done now! :thinking::joy:

Here’s what I enjoyed up with. Damn plant went close to 6 months. Foxtail like crazy

Jeeze 6 months? Not a photo period?? :slightly_frowning_face: What was your light setup for that? Nice fucking yeild, damn!

2x 300w roleadro 2nd generation
1x 400w roleadro cob in a 20"x36" tent

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Hey, I got a question regarding nutes. I feel stupid for asking now only but I realized that maybe I am abit off with how much a give.
When following a nute schedule such as the one I’ll link below, (let’s say it sais 2ml) is that per liter of water I feed or is that for the entire feed itself?
I know this one sais per liter, so if I gave my plant 5 liters of water I must X that by the ML suggested? Would that be the same with all schedules

And this one for example?

1st Feeding – Plain PH’d water and 1m of root juice per 1lt
2nd Feeding – Plain Ph’d water 1.5m of root juice per 1 lt
1st Feeding – ½ ml BIO-GROW
2nd Feeding - ¾ ml BIO-GROW
1st Feeding – 1ml BIO-GROW – ½ ml BIO-BLOOM
2nd Feeding – 1 ½ ml BIO-GROW – ¾ ml BIO-BLOOM -
1st Feeding – 1 ½ ml BIO-GROW - 1ml BIO-BLOOM – ¼ ml TOP-MAX
2nd Feeding – 1 ½ ml BIO-GROW – 1 ½ ml BIO-BLOOM – ½ ml TOP-MAX
1st Feeding – 1 ½ ml BIO-GROW – 1 ¾ ml BIO-BLOOM – ¾ ml TOP-MAX
2nd Feeding – 1 ½ ml BIO-GROW – 2 ml BIO-BLOOM – 1ml TOP-MAX
1st Feeding – 1 ½ ml BIO-GROW - 2 ¼ ml BIO-BLOOM – 1ml TOP-MAX
2nd Feeding – 1 ½ ml BIO-GROW – 2 ½ ml BIO-BLOOM – 1ml TOP-MAX
1st Feeding – 1 ½ ml BIO-GROW - 3 ml Bio-BLOOM – 2ml TOP-MAX
2nd Feeding – FLUSH
1st Feeding - FLUSH
2nd Feeding - FLUSH

Say it says 1ml per liter. Say you water with 4 liters, you want 4 ml of whatever. But when you first water to runoff, use just plain ph water. That’s what I do. I grow in coco and run about 3-4 gallons of plain ph water through then my feed water. Like a mini flush every time

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