My second plant- power plant auto (help, one funky leaf!)

Hi guys,

This is my second plant that I have started a few weeks ago. I am quite happy with the progress of her. I am vegging her under a 250 watt cfl plus she gets supplement lighting from the 315 watt led I am using for my other auto plant next to her that is busy flowering.

I am overall very happy with how she is growing although I do however notice that one of her leaves has some sort of issue and if anyone can identify what it could be that would be great because I am struggling to research the correct answer.

Here is week 1-3

Here is her at week 4 (yesterday)

And here is her one funky leaf that I’m struggling to identify.

Looks kinda like a lower leaf that has had nute water splashed on it.

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can you get a better pic of that

Is that the leaf that’s messed up now?

No I had a leaf miner in that leaf which I killed. The other leaf I have no idea what it could be…I don’t think it’s nute burn… I can’t seem to find any answers online either :thinking:

Maybe just some splash up

I never stress about 1 leaf. When it starts spreading it’s a concern.


Hey guys, here is an update of my power plant auto. She is on day 40 today and I am quite surprised with her size as I had a major disaster a week ago.

I realized one day when looking in my box that the main stem had snapped hanging by a thread. This must of been due to my low stress training that I tied too tight. So in my panic I used electrical tape to tape it back together.
Most of the leaves died off on the peice of stem that broke but there seems to be some growth still clinking on to the broken branch so I’m leaving it be for now.
Wierdly enough she still continued to grow and was not too shocked. I thought Messed her up bad and that she would stop growing for a few weeks as it was the main stem. (mind you this was as she went into pre-flowering and is supposed to hit her growth spurt)

Anyways I think I have overcome this disaster and here is she is today at day 40. Hopefully the yeild won’t be affected too bad.

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heres my latest oops

I know the feeling! I was distraught when she snapped as it an Autoflower as well so she only has limited time and autos don’t like to be topped. Here is a Pic of my disaster! I can’t believe she made a comeback after this and is growing bigger than my first! Did you tape yours back together?

Hey I have toped lst and supercroped 2 of my 3 autos the 3erd I just topped and lst and the 2 I toped supercroped and lst are double the one I did not

What really? That’s very interesting as all the info I read seemed to state otherwise. Hopefully mine will do the same and crop out more! I was distraught as I thought that this would greatly affect my yeild.

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all the taller buds are supercroped limbs the shorter fat ones in the middle have not been

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But they are autos so possibly could stunt one but I’m willing to take the risk

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It’s a pretty good break but hopefully it will heal and form a knuckle

Here is an update on my powerplant. I am very happy with how she is growing! She’s bigger than my first one! She’s still not in full flower and still growing! To my amazement her broken branch recovered and is growing new leaves! Can’t believe it as it broke off and was hanging by a thread!


Heck ya looks great!!!good job

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Thanks! I’m so proud of this one! I think she’s going to be a big one! Can’t wait to harvest my lemon amnesia to make space for my Power Plant😂

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I was wondering if it’s normal for an auto to not be in full flower by week 7. I am abit worried with this power plant auto. She does have her pre-flowering pistols at the nodes but she’s going to hit week 7 from sprouting tomorrow! She’s also still growing and is really getting quite large at this point. (i must add that this is also a South African ruderalis strain, not sure if that could be a reason?)
Here are some pics. Also compared to my first auto…

@hornhead had autos veg for 2 months