My second grow. Plants look lime green with skinny leaves

  • Fastbuds seeds - strawberry pie, orange sherbet
  • Method: Organic soil
  • Vessels: 5 gallon air pots
  • PH of Water around 6.5. It’s a 50/50 mix of dechlorinated tap water mixed with apple cider vinegar for ph down and filtered water at ph 7
  • Indoor grow - 4x4 tent
  • 600 watt LED - 24 hour light cycle
  • Temps; 70-75 degrees
  • Humidity; 40-65%
  • Ventilation system; Yes, the duct simply goes out the tent into the room. Window is closed as it’s too cold outside now.
  • Two humidifiers
  • Co2; No

I’m thinking it could be a nutrient deficiency but the leaves look skinny and too bright green almost yellow.

I neglected to fully clean the carbon filter cover after my last grow (just vacuumed it) so the plants devolved a fungus with some leaves having yellow and brown spots. It seems not to be spreading though and I just remove any leaves that are affected.

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What are you feeding them?

I included auto grow formula into the initial soil from as well bat guano and worm castings.

I recently did the first amendment feeding with the auto grow and a little of the bloom auto.

This is the product description:

EM1 infused bokashi bran, Volcanic rockdust, Mycorrhizal fungi, Northern Atlantic Kelp meal, organic Bat Guano, Wheat bran.

Nutrient analysis

  • Total Nitrogen (N) …3.0%
  • Phosphorous (P) ………6.0%
  • Potassium (K) …………….6.0%

And this is the bloom auto:

Organic Bat guano, Northern Atlantic kelp meal, sterilised Bone meal, mined Sulphate of potash, Dolomite Lime, Diatomaceous earth.

Nutrient analysis

  • Total Nitrogen (N) …1.0%
  • Phosphorous (P) ………5.0%
  • Potassium (K) ……………8.0%

What is the source of your organic soil? Since this is your second grow, did you change anything?

What’s the point of mixing the two water sources? Can you use just the filtered water?

I grow organic. I use rain water at a pH of 7. I do alright.


Sorry, missed that…


The only thing I changed was putting the correct amount of the grow auto amendments. In my first grow I used waaaay too much. Maybe this time not enough?

I read somewhere that tap water has a lot of micronutrients like iron and other minerals so I like to have some of that as well as the filtered. The only issue is that the tap water is PH 9 so I have to use the apple cider vinegar to get it down.

Btw your plants look way better than I’ve ever achieved. Are those autoflowers?

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Looks like a pH problem with the curling leaves and all. I would drop the vinegar cider and get pH down

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Not sure about your nutrient mix but can you check and see if you have calcium and magnesium?

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To me it almost looks like i a iron def but the volcanic rock dust should help with that but it depends on how much volcanic rock dust they have put in there soil ,let me have a look on YouTube there maybe something there

Coffee grounds brings down ph aswell

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Ok i just had a look on the internet about ur problem it is caused by either to high or to low of a ph if u get ur ph right ur plant should come back looking darker green and those spots should stop


I would give them some rest. A few hours a cycle. Good ph…calmag and some molasses and watchem. Ph after that molasses mixes. Just what has worked for me when lighter leaves. I fight ph all the time here and can lockem quick with reservoir spikes. Basics and observation.

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But the apple cider vinegar is what gets the ph down. I can try only watering with the filtered water which is PH 7.

I will also try the coffee grounds to ph down like someone mentioned

I’m thinking it’s too high? It’s usually around 6.8 but I noticed that the ph of the water goes back up very quickly after I put the apple cider vinegar. It only lowers ph for like 10-15 minutes.

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Phdown is very cheap. I buy by the half gallon lol. And a small bottle of phup. A must have. Vinegar is not the way to go for me. Vitamin C. Aspirin. Lots of emergency lowering agents. Because they work does not mean right for soil and bacteria. 7.0 water will drop a half point or more with flower boosters…a lot of nute mixes etc. Mix nutes. Let sit couple minutes. Test ph. Adjust. 7.0 is mot crazy. Mine goes from 8.5-12 depending on rainfall in the surrounding 250 square miles. All water drains here…Canyon/Palo Duro.

That’s a regular Super Skunk. I don’t like the uncertainty of autos.

This is how they look now. I’ve watered them with ph 6.0 for the last two weeks almost. Fed them with the bloom auto and some Epsom salts.

They’re still looking to yellowish