My Second Grow: How's It Look? ILGM GSC Extreme

Started a new grow, my second one. Just wanted to get a few eyes on things, see if there was anything I was missing or if there were any suggestions. Only just finished week 2, but I’m keeping a grow journal here:

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Just to note, I like the structure of Grow Diaries for a journal - but what I found last time is that there’s no better community than right here on ILGM!!! Folks here are awesome!

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Didn’t see what your growing in…pH is low if you are in soil.

Never seen the grow diary, pretty cool.

Second grow… feel more confident than the first, right?

Continued success.

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Canna Coco/perlite (75/25). And yeah, more confident this time - even though I basically took a year off.

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Just took a few pics, thinking LST can be started…

Also looks like a magnesium deficiency (?) is showing.

I’ve seen this posted around the forum and downloaded it. Hopefully can help you.


Does kind of seem like magnesium deficiency, but don’t take my word for it. I’m just on my first grow.

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LST around the time of the fifth node developing is good to start. Try not to have additional stresses so that recovery can happen faster during training.

Best of luck.

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Question: I keep a 5 gallon bucket of water around that’s constantly being turned over by an air stone. I’ve learned not to pH it, because it always goes up by the next feeding/watering - and this raises my base TDS. Would adding Cal-Mag to it be the same or should that be ok?

Since I’m in coco, I’m usually always giving that, even without other nutes.

Last week was a sad one as a deficiency progressed rather quickly…