My Second Grow: Bagseed

Hey guys, second grow ever. I killed my first ever grow by virtue of overwatering :frowning: and possibly nitrogen toxicity, using too much fertilizer.

So this grow is from some Indica bagseed I got.

Currently about 1 1/2 months in from seed.

Giving it between 16-24 hours of light per day, a mix between outdoors and with a cheap AliExpress LED.

Using cow manure as fertilizer to keep things natural and organic.

Also I attempted to FIM two weeks ago but I’m not sure if I did it properly as the leaves just grew out (if you notice the top leaves look smaller than the other fan leaves). I topped her yesterday as well so will probably post some progress pictures in a few days time. :slight_smile:

Do let me know how I’m doing

What’s your soil? She looks good. But definitely not close to optimal growth. Needs more p-k.

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Also noticed some new growth at the nodes, they’re rather small…any way to speed this up?

Soil is loam soil as far as I’m aware. What do you recommend for nutes?

If you’re looking at the long run jacks 321 can’t be beaten. The 25lb bags are a bit pricey. But will last the normal hobbyist a decade.

The 321 comes from ratio. 3.6g per gallon of A, 2.5 of B, 1.2 of epsom. Most do 2.4 of B to keep with the smoothness of how it sounds. But the actual recipe calls for 2.5 not 2.4. Miniscule as it is. I’m a sucker for details. It is easier to remember as 2.4 though.

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A bit of overcast skies today so growing my baby indoors, here’s my lighting setup…using my cheap Ali express led and two videography lights…there’s a standing fan to provide some light breeze

@Budz so where I live fertilizers are a bit hard to come by, would need to order from abroad…added a bit of 20-20-20 fertilizer that I use for my pepper plants, added a little bit yesterday. Would probably feed in another week or two, trying to avoid burning my plant because I understand 20-20-20 might be a bit too strong.

It might be ok lightly in veg but won’t work in flower. Look for something closer to 15-6-30 for flower. 19-5-20 in veg. In flower you can boost 0-x-x. Other words NPK of 20-20-20 is not ideal for cannabis. Since 20 nitrogen is pushing it in veg and way too much in flower. And boosts aren’t often so I’d imagine you’d get it issues with phosphorus. Since you only boost phosphorus beginning of flower transition and end of flower before flush.

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Oh and remember those are percentages. Same ratio works just changes amount. Like your 20-20-20 is no different than a 5-5-5. It would just take 4 times as much of the 5-5-5 to equal that concentrate.