My room is 7x5 and I'm useing MARS hydro 1600

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

Yo …my room is 7x5 and I’m useing MARS hydro 1600. New set up still fighting with environment . Me 6inch exhaust fan just don’t cut it. Recomend?

7x5x8 gives you 280 square feet
Most of the 6 inch fans ive seen move somewhere between 320-400 cfm which is reduced by adding a carbon filter also having as few turns or elbows is best a standard 90 elbow creates the same restriction as adding 4 more foot of straight duct fyi
Id like to ask a few questions
1 where to you exhaust air out to
2 do you have intake fan running
3 do you know the cfm rating for fan
4 What exactly is the issue heat humidity both or smells
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What exactly do you mean not cutting it too hot or too humid ? How big is your intake hole or intake fan if you have one you can add another exhaust fan or or get 8in one do you know the cfm (cubic feet per minute) of your fan . Another thought can you run lights at night when its cooler .

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Good point on running light at night
That’s exactly what i do help in winter and summer