My review of Twenty 20 Seeds, Trizkits Autos

Hey everyone, so I just finished up a grow with some Trizkits autos from Twenty 20 Seeds. I had really high expectations based on what I had heard about them, but my review is very mixed. Along with the 6 Trizkits, I also had 2 ILGM Zkittlez autos and 2 Sweet Cream autos by Expert Seeds in the grow. The downside of the Twenty 20 plants is that the stems, stalks, and branches were the thinnest I’ve ever had. I’d be happy to take the blame for that, except the 4 plants from ILGM and Expert Seeds had far thicker stems and much better structure overall. I’ve been using Silica from NPK Industries for years, and I mix it properly. I also use B-52 as part of my Advanced Nutrients feedings, so there’s no real explanation on my end for the thin stems and branches, and since it was common through all 6 of them, I have to assume it’s just the genetics of the strain. Very disappointing considering Trizkits was supposed to be their biggest and best producing auto. The other thing that was disappointing is the bud sizes, but naturally, that goes along with the thin branches. Ok, so that’s how I was disappointed by Twenty 20, now here’s the upside. The buds may be on the smaller side, but they’re extremely dense, have incredible smells, and many of them frosted up to monumental levels. I took a few tiny samples of popcorn buds a couple of days before I cut them down, and I know that the final product is going to be really enjoyable to smoke!
Here’s some pics of them, along with the ILGM Zkittlez and Sweet Creams by Expert Seeds.

This is a Trizkits, one of the most frosted girls I’ve ever grown.

This was the smallest of them, but she colored up beautifully, and her nugs are rock hard!

This was the best of the 6 as far as structure goes, but still a far cry from my good ILGM plants.

This was the most scrawny girl ever, lol, but her little buds look great.

Ok, here’s an ILGM Zkittlez auto, and keep in mind, this is about medium sized for my average ILGM auto.

And biggest buds of the grow go to this Sweet Cream!

Anyone else here grown Trizkits autos, or any autos from Twenty 20? I’d be very curious about stem, stalk, and branch sizes!