My redemptions to growing starting from rookie stages!

I’m getting ready to grow a main lined , super cropped , LST trained , scrogged plant in about a month are so I’ll get started , but I have to get a few things ordered after trying to help someone thinking it was all in good deeds but sadly all people is not honest . Now I’m not sure of what strain I want to grow , I’ll have to check my seed supply and see all what I have and might have to place an order to restock my supply of seeds . I hear Girl Scout Cookies is in auto flowers , Gorilla Glue #4 is also in auto flower , but I’ve heard good reports on Gold Leaf and Sour Diesel , so I’m optimistic and I’m restocking quite a few nutrient additives , like a bigger bottle of Humboldts Golden Tree , Terpinator , B-52 , Bud Candy , Factor X , Over Drive , Sensizyn and something for a root stimulator like Great White Shark are something to initiate bigger stronger roots . Than I have to get ILGM trio boosters Grow , Bud and THC Mass with powder nutrients , and I want to try the a Promix Sunshine soil medium and some Black Gold are go get about 2 large garbage bags of soil out in the farm lands the commercial farmers used to grow in might be great also and maybe start some composting . But I have 3 months to gather my materials , soil , inline fans , and rain water supply , plus RO water system installed and I think I’ll be ready to get started and do a grow journal that I want to post to help many beginners to help them get started from seedlings to harvest in the most simplest way without asking questions that’s been answered thousands of times over which I’m sure would be a great help .


To help with roots transplant early. I transplant a week after popping ground. This causes slow plant growth for a week or so while the roots grow and grow.

You have most that I want to try too.

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Cant wait to read all about it and learn your techniques

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@brian I might need your help after seeing all them pretty buds you been producing ?


Just upgraded tent 4x2x6 same LEDs fox farms nutrients have three Trans-Siberian sprouts going litle over a week old …there autos thinking its time to go back to scrog

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I learned everything i know from you man