My question is about pesticides


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

My question is about pesticides. There was an ant and a lady bug crawling around on them. Do you recommend any type of pesticides?


No!!! Ladybugs are beneficial insects and ants won’t really hurt it unless they are forming a colony under the soil. Use 3-6 drops of Melaleuca essential oil, 3 drops of peppermint essential oil, and 3 drops of lavender essential oil in about 24oz of pH water and mix in a spray bottle, add a drop or two of pure Castile soap as a wetting agent and apply to plants before sun(or lights) come up or just before they shut off(or go down). Organic pesticide and fungicide from our mother Gaia. Namaste :pray:


If you need a bit of oomf and have some other pests show up,

Safer Brand 5110-6 Insect Killing Soap, 32 oz.


Chevyswish is right they’re not hurting anything. Ladybugs are good. Nothing to worry about


Keep an eye on the ants as they have a relationship with aphids and 50/50 if you got ants aphids aren’t far off and they can devastate a garden
Happy to hear about the lady bug that’s great
They can eat like 1500 aphids a day!!


Make sure it’s not the Asian lady beetle


Ants farm aphids and aphids do a lot of damage. Spinosad (like Monterry Insect Garden Spray) is instantly effective and so non-toxic to humans FDA lets farmers use it on organic veggies and tobacco. I would not use it if you bought a container of ladybugs, but a single ladybug is not going to do much before it flies away. Works GREAT for caterpillars if you are growing outside.