My Purple Blue Dream

Hello amazing community,
I’ve finished my first grow solely based on knowledge I’ve acquired from this amazing website. 6 months later, all I can say is that when it comes to reliable knowledge and buying seeds, I trust no one except Robert Bergmam. ESPECIALLY seeds!
And I’ve ordered seeds for my second grow; Robert’s x2 AK-47’s.

I want to share some pictures of my blue dream with you, and very, very curious to hear what you guys think.

This is Blue Dream with a Purple phenotype I’ve never seen before.

Here we go :slight_smile:

Early Flowering:

Day 52 of flowering:

2 Weeks after curing:

I have much more, but I have a feeling I’ve already flooded this post enough.

P.S - While the batch of these girls is over now, I can boldly say it was the second best smoke I’ve ever had. Can make a full description of how it smoked.
Thank you!


Incredible! I would love to have this rolled up in a joint right now! :open_mouth:

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@Sadica in complete awh right now. i’ve pulled out my magnifying glass just to enlarge the trichomes to a better point of view. the colors are brilliant!

@Sadica get those seeds from here? definitely something i might have to consider.

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Sorry :frowning:
Well, due to the forum system here being a little intimidating when I started, this wasn’t the community I chose at the beggining. Thus, I didn’t write my grow journal here.

I explained in my grow journal that I’ve received my growing closet, and All equipment from a friend. Including the seeds.

VERY unfortunately, the individual who game me the seeds and everything, doesn’t remember either. In a sesh we did not long ago, while smoking this herb, he said “They were from Europe”, and shrugged his shoulders. “It’s all I remember”." He added.

I still have 3 seeds left. No current ability to clone.


Beautiful buds, that’s the color all the blue dream I’ve ever gotten a hold of was

@Sadica that gave me my laugh. i’m hoping ILGM will put off some great quality purple buds as well. but great job man. crazy colors :heart_eyes:

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Thank you, man!
Well, ILGM have their Blueberry. From the display picture it looks very purple. And Blue Dream is a cross between Blueberry x Durban Poison.
I’ve tried to search for the purplish strain, and didn’t find anything like that. Would really wanna know if someone knows one.


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@Sadica i just started skimming forums, i’ll sniff out the best strain here shortly. best of luck to you and your grows. hoping to get those trichs that you have. outstanding.

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Just to get this correct those are Roberts blue dream. I hope so because I ordered some

You did a good work

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I saw a grower in this forum that posted in Nug of the month. He had an exact girls like mine.
So yeah, unknowingly I grew Robert’s blue dream. And it’s an amazing… Amazing strain.

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Well I just got my 50% off of gold leave some blue dream in OG Kush just got my confirmation woo hoo this is going to be fun

I can tell you that Robert’s blue dream was super resilient to the massive abuse I did to her. And she can never get enough of Mg.
Although I didnt, you should make a formula for foliar feeding with cal-mag.

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That can be done that is one thing I have noticed about the six different strains of done now they are all very resilient and I’ve had 100% success rate on my grows out of the 10 I’ve done I have had 10 plants


Blue Dream is on my short list! Amazing!


Totally agree about Roberts seeds. The best ever. I’ve ordered from other reputable “banks” but never had results like Roberts. I truly do :heart:️ G M! Best ever!


Me too @bob31! Next order for sure. Love the phenotype. Looks killer!

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I always foliar with Epsom salts. Magnesium Sufate. 15-25 ppm for 28FL oz/828mL H2O. Works really well. :+1::beer:

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@Sadica absolutely beautiful!! I am definitely putting this strain on my list to get next

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