My problems got problems

As you may have seen a few days ago I brought my whole crop indoors to weather the nasty weather we’re forecast to have. Well turns out there’s a minor dilemma.

This is all temporary. Like just a few weeks tops. I have one indoor grow space at the moment. Before I moved these big beauties inside that grow space was filled with a pair of my indoor plants that are currently vegging to be flipped in November. That means they’ve got some time before I want them to flower.

Well… this big room is now running 12/12 to finish the flowering out. As you might have suspected my indoor plants are now showing signs of preflowering. I’ve only gotta wait til Thursday till I can bring the vegging plants to a different space and get em back under 18/6. They should be ok right?

The should be okay, but they may still continue to flower.

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Am I better off doing just 24 hrs of light til I see new veg growth?