My problem child :-(

ILGM Support Tickett

What is the strain? … 8- ball kush

Indoor or Outdoor? …indoor

Size of space? …4×4×7’

Soil or Hydro? … soil
Medium used? …ffof w/20% perlite

PH? … 6.3 in, 5.8 out (@ last watering)

Type of nutrients used? NPK? PPM level?

GH Flora

NPK is 1-1-1, but only at 50% strength & Calmagic at 2.5 ml/gal.

Ppm is 600 + 95 from tap = 695 total

Temperature? 72-75

Humidity is 45%

Light system/watts/lumens/flux/par?

600w super hps

Vegetative Growth season or Bloom/Flower season? Number “weeks/days” from start of veg growth or into flowering?

In Veg, 35 days from seed, 24/0 light schedule


Always used Calmag every other feeding to prevent this ? 2.5 ml to 5 ml depending on pot or DWC size reservoir .

That was my first thought but it’s been getting it at half strength (I listed it above)

Than your nitrogen is really at the max if not over or your soil have time release nitrogen in the soil , unless your ppm , EC was to high for the plant staged . Watch it and if the yellowing worsen , than flush it really good and give it a half dose of nukes ?

why not using 18/6 light cycle ?? Good looking plant 's (consider a "dark"time for them ) even out-doors they get dark times -Need to sleep to grow bigger

Thanks Steve… I never use a dark period Steve, only slows the growth rate in my opinion

Edit: I’m starting to think that I might have given something the wrong nutes or maybe even mixed something wrong?

I haven’t been in the garden much recently since I broke my leg and I’m pretty jammed up on these pain pills when I am in there, anyway whatever it is seems to have got it corrected

I found a problem with another plant in flower room, I think I may have accidentally switched their nutes? :confused:

I’m probably going to put a dark period in this summer, when the flower room is dark I’m going to shut the veg room down too during peak hours to save some electricity and some work on the AC.

That way I can go to the beach and relax and not have to worry about heat problems! I’ll try it for the summer, see how it goes, thanks for the suggestion @steve2

All ways willing to help a fellow cultivator - PEACE !!! and Happy Cultivation

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Hey @Steve2 what do you think is going on in the above pics?

I thought it was Cal Mag, but I’ve been adding it at half strength…

I’m still not sure what happened but it happened real quick, since Sunday

Maybe a bit to much light ? all the time ? but not enougth for heat burn

I only had the veg light on 400w, I turned it down when I topped them last weekend?

will need at least 1 more month in veg - if your space can take it - you are correct watch you cal-mag use and not use it every feeding - cal-mag toxicity is easy to get and is a common issue with cultivator’s. You are doing just fine plant are coming around all so – keep informed - one should also flush their plant every 4 weeks to pre-vent nutrints ssues

Will do, I was planning on taking my cuttings this weekend and then maybe vegging them the weekend after (2 mo’ weeks veg) there already 18 - 24 inches at five and six weeks old

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Sound like you have like you have it under control - every use the back-of-hand test to see if lighting is to close ? (future reference) distance from top of plants ?? Also - fans used ?

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Oh yeah I check it everyday few times a day I’ve been raising the light an inch or two a day the last week or ten days

So the good news after the 6 hour sleep my Autoflower that I flushed this morning is beautiful!

Looks a hundred percent normal just like its sister, and my ‘problem child’ is looking good too! I’m thinking now that I might have mixed something up! I’ve been really negligent since the accident and when I was in there I was so jammed up on these pain pills that’s got to be what I did!?

This shit will drive you crazy if you let it, but why let it! …back on track, so I guess it’s time to move on

Thank you all for your input

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