My poor seedlings

Well long story short, I put my seedlings in with my flowering Granddaddy purp, & my seedlings all went to flower! ? I put em on 24 but still flowering looks like. Should I start over?

Can you upload a picture… I’m curious how a flowering seedling looks like…???

No , if they are photo’s they will go back to vegging , takes a week or 2…
Pics would help to give you a better time frame, but they are not a lost cause… :+1::wink:


Pic would help. What type of plant, ie photo/auto. Long story short, separate. Lighting is different for seedlings and flowers.


Ty very much! That’s awesome to hear!

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Welcome to the community!

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Folks I hope there’s a picture there. Got a eye infection. Lol Tks for ur patience.
So I need a less watt light for my seedlings?

I have a elderly friend who wants to grow, Cool Huh! 3ture.Vet. 78yr. Young!
Anyway I helped him get his seeds from ilgm!
Of course! Well in return, he give me 3 seeds! Cool!
Well I don’t know wat I have, I know there auto flower. I have GOA-FAP5
Any help would be greatly appreciated, I can’t find anything on them! :+1::crossed_fingers:

The first three letters are the type. Probably something like gorilla glue in this case
F I think stands for fem as it is on all my ILGM seeds and A if it exists is for autoflower. P5 is five pack

Thank you very much!! Now I know wat I’m working with. Have a awesome day!!!