My plastic cheap greenhouse is caving in,

My plants are in week 7 flowering and my greenhouse is cheap and falling apart because weight of lights, I’m a beginner and U ordered a better tent from Amazon and wondered if I could get through this grow with a little round fan and circulate the air and out the window of tent, just to get through this grow. Or I got the other greenhouse propped up with 2by4,s right now, should I try to fish them in it.

I haven’t really figured out the best way to vent the tents yet, just got a fan blowing in and one blowing out the other side. Sorry about spelling

If someone could tell me best or easiest way to vent a tent I would appreciate it, Not very mechanically inclined

This a tent or greenhouse?

Tents need an intake and exhaust. Intake can be passive (just an open vent) and is best down low. Exhaust needs to match the size of your tent and should be up high. A clip fan blowing out could work in the 2x4, but you might want to consider an exhaust fan with the appropriate cfm (cubic feet per minute).

K thanks, I’m trying to get through this grow of Roberts goldleaf it looks pretty good but I’ve just got this greenhouse rigged wit a hole cut in it, but got a tent otw,appreciate the help, love this community,

The tent coming is 4 by4

I assume you are growing autos

No, I’m actually growing photo seeds .

I have 7 there now. I put them more when they all in full flower.

Very Nice!