My plants were about 4 weeks into the flowering stage, but now it seems like they have stopped flowering

A question of a fellow grower:
My plants were about 4 weeks into the flowering stage, but now it seems like they have stopped flowering.

While they were outdoors, I did notice some leaves looking like they had nutrient burn on the tips, but not sure, I did remove some that looked like they were completely dried out.

A couple weeks ago I moved my plants from outdoors and into my garage, as the temperatures were dropping.

I had picked up LED Grow Lights, after about a week with them I read on your site that maybe I had purchased the wrong one’s, they only had red and blue.

I then purchased 2 100w LED Lights with 9 Bands, it has been maybe 4-5 days under the new lights and still doesn’t look like they are continuing to grow.

I also notice that they barely use any water I give them now, watering and feeding seems to have been reduced to 4 days instead of 2.

Using 10 gallon pails, with ¾ 3n1 Soil + ¼ top soil

Been using nutrients every other feeding since vegetation stage, veg A + B and Bloom A + B.

Any idea’s what I can do.

Some pics would really help here

To continue flowering the light cycle should be 12 on / 12 off.

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ask @dbrn32 to be sure. but you may not have enough light


Yes I am using a 12/12 light schedule.
Here are some pics :slight_smile:


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are those patches of white mold?

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not sure, someone said it was from the morning dew.

I agree with basementstealth about the white powder mildew. There is a lot of products to take care of that. One I have used apple cider vinegar 2 teaspoons per gallon lightly Mist affected area. It can spread pretty fast. Good luck


A spray of h2o2 & h2o will help with powdery mildew.

I’m wondering what are the temps in your garage? Are the plants sitting on cold concrete? I just had an outdoor grow that dead stopped blooming for several weeks & hardly used any water during that time. Turned out it was just too cold.

I was able to coax the buds out with a bit of warmth. They still ended up freezing, but now I know for the future.

Also looks like a potassium deficiency. What’s your pH? Your ec/tds?


If the plants are sitting on bare concrete, it could be a temp. issue. That is definitely mold. I had patches myself. H2O2 spray works like a dream. A good dream. LOL. ? Humidity?? If so. Consider a de humidifier. Produces distilled water also. @basementstealth

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Going from the Sun to inadequate LED lighting has thrown your plants into stress, and the fact that you have barely any light compared to the Sun has slowed down the growth. Stress + lack of light plants were used to. That is probably the whole issue/s

Hang in there :slight_smile:

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Ok Thank you all for the replies :slight_smile:

Mixed up some H202 + H20, sprayed my 3 plants, came back a couple hours later, some improvement with the spots, repeated spraying once more.
Flushed the plants with Neutral water.

Temp is 60F

Nutrients I use are from
Per instruction on bottle I use 2ml A + B Super Bloom per Liter of water

60F during the day or night? That temp is a little cool.

Cold temps & humidity will welcome powdery mildew & other nasties. Plus, cold temps retard some if your plant’s vital processes. Any way you can get a space heater going to get the temp up to at least 70 during the day (75, if possible)?

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k ty :slight_smile:
Put a heater in there, thou I might duct a vent out there so I not wasting more electricity to keep it warm.
is at 70F now.
I do still see some mold on the leaves, how often should I mist them with H202 + H20?
I have to pickup a TDS/EC Tester so don’t really have a way of testing that at the moment, thou when I test the pH level when I am feeding them it is usually around 7.0 from tap.
Before I started using nutrients I didn’t have issue’s with the leaves getting nutrient burn so not sure why, have followed the directions for the nutrients. :frowning:
Also should I remove the dried/dead leaves or let them stay? probably put it in repair mode again?

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Hi. @fourken. I would remove any yellow leaves. The H202 spray can be used when ever you see pm. Read it should be on the plant for 48 hours for effect. Then either water spray it off, or rain it off (outdoors). Will not treat bud rot just pm and some insects.

Well was just removing some of the yellow/burnt leaves off one of my plants and noticed two branches of it, the buds are completely dried out. :confused:
Is it Dying?
Is weird, this plant was at one time doing way better then the other 2, until we got the tail end of a hurricane on sept. 15th and had tons of rain, my wife could smell them walking up the street until then, they lost the smell and stopped growing. :confused: