My plants seems are drooping

I have been feed them nutrients skipping one day in small pot ,now I transfer some in 5 gallons pots in 5 gallons I will skip 2 or 3 days before feeding them again but concern is my plants are growing but their leafs are dropping

They look like they are either over watered or what I like to call “sleeping” when the lights are off, more like overwatering than anything.

I would try and wait 2 or 3 days before I even watered and see how they respond. There pretty green, I don’t think you have nutrient or PH issues.


Hey there I don’t know what wrong can someone help me?

Ok that’s not over watering

If you hold a thermostat at the top of your canopy what is the reading?

Wait, your somebody else. Yours looks like heat stress…

Can you start your own thread on your problem? You will get a faster response and there won’t be any confusion, thanks

@bob31, @Countryboyjvd1971

@TDubWilly, I agree that overwatering is the issue. I’m going to point out though that your plants don’t need nutes yet. You are flirting with other problems.

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The problem was I was putting a lot of nutritions… by every time I was water I was putting nutrition :grimacing: now here there are healthy and happier :blush:


My plants grow taller I transaction them to flower stage do I need to transfer bigger place?the first 3 in front I cut the tip to stop growing taller and I add another 1000 w