My plants may be dying? Lots of photos


My plants are looking really unwell. Here’s my situation, anyone with a remedy, please chime in?

6 weeks old “white rhino x something” fem photos.

In 70% organic potting soil 10% worm castings 20% perlite.

18/6 light schedule and now under 2x 450w full spectrum led lights @ 40% power.

They are small because the first few weeks I used a new t5 light which was a piece of crop and didn’t aide in any growth.

I’ve fed nothing but the worm castings and a mild 0.5ml per litre cal mag solution.

2 days ago I noticed a few gnats so I did an organic neem spray on the leaves, soil, and pots as per bottles instructions. I also sprayed the few flying gnats i could see with a small amount of fly spray but was careful not to get it on the plants.

Yesterday we had a really hot day. I got home from work near the end of the dark period, to find my tent at 28.1°c. It had probably been at this temp most of the day.

Once the lights came on, I saw this. It hasn’t really gotten much worse but it hasn’t got better either…

What am I looking at here? Is there anything I can do to salvage this?

Thanks in advance

My guess is something in the neem oil poisoned them rinse each plant down and flush the soil and switch over to hydro nutes and you may save them yet( let their leaves dry in the dark) plants can handle Temps of up to 37 ° c if you keep them humid enough so that’s not it


Alright bro ill take that on board. It very well could be the neem though I used the same bottle of need last grow without any issues… I let the neem dry before I turned the lights back up but maybe having the dried oil residue on the leaves magnified the light? Idk.

Did you by chance spray Neem oil on them during lights on? They look sorta fried, like when you suntan with baby oil on instead of sunscreen. :thinking:

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Sorry for the delayed response.

Yea, I did exactly that. I sprayed them (ofcorse I turned the light intensity down from 40% to 20% until they dried) but as soon as they dried i put the light intensity back to 40% without realizing the damage i would do due to the oil left coating the plants.

Thankfully all of them are praying and looking otherwise ok. Three plants are looking strong and healthy. 3 plants have new growth coming out of the burn sites… and 4 plants have new growth coming out of the burn sites but at a slower rate, and I’m unsure if they will recover. The new growth almost looks fimmed which is quite interesting.

Hopefully a couple of weeks and they will be back to normal but only time will tell.

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I’m sure if they’re growing fresh growth already then the burn was minimal and you should be okay - it’s an easy mistake to make, especially when pest control is at the forefront of your mind. :+1:

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My banana kush autos are dealing with some brown spots too. This past week a lot has changed for them, we got a new light for the tent (mars hydro tsw 2000 set at 60%), finally started using ph up/down to feedings (I have no idea what my ph/ppm was before), sprayed with neem oil because of a few fungus gnats, and we had a few days where the tent was pushing 80 degrees for a majority of the day (I have it now around 75 during the day). I am sure my plants are stressed the f out and they are telling me so with a few brown leaves. I flushed them with ph’d water, raised my lights from 16 to 18, and turned the mars hydro to 30% ish, this was Thanksgiving night. The brown doesn’t appear to be spreading to the other leaves but I’m not sure what in particular caused the brown or if it’s a combination of a few. The neem oil I had sprayed 2 days before and it left a white residue on the leaves. Any ideas?

Edited to add that they are 29 days old and that I also have a 2 blurple lights along with the mars hydro in a 4x4 tent using FFOF soil and FF nutes.

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