My plants lighting

Hey guys, just started growing not to long ago and I have a small box set up with reflectors and a 4in fan but I was wondering exactly what kind of lighting I need to buy (CFL) like how many watts per bulb, and how many bulbs, I would really prefer 1 or 2 bulbs so I don’t have to get a new fixture. Right now I have 2 regular light bulbs (not fluorescent) 100W and a 40W and it makes a lot of heat but not to much for the fan to handle! Please help my friends, Herbert relies on you!

Get 2 y splitters so you can have a total of 4 gel bulbs get 6500 Kelvin bulbs for vegitative of possible get 100 watt cfls that will use 23 actual watts and flower you will use 2700 Kelvin bulbs which will use the same 23 true watts

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I’m new to growing myself but I can tell you this I started with 3 daylight 100Watt clf so 69 real watts and it was okay I slowly added more over the next month now thinking back I wasted so much money should of got a LED or MH/HPS from day one but my girls are doing great using Y connect and power strips

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Gorilla glue #4 clone I’ve had her one month today
Little ones unknown strain also a month today I know with better lights they would be twice there size
Grow tent will be here Tuesday
Upgrade lighting duct fans next week

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I have my friends plant in here now and I have 2 6500K daylight 23 actual watts CFLs(so 46 watts) about 2 inches away humidity at 45-60% and temp stays around 75-80 I also bought a giant CFL bulb that is only like 2700K but 43 actual watts should I use that one for flowering and more of these 23 watt ones for my veg?

this is that flowering bulb 2700K 43watts

Yes 2700-3000 is used for flowering preferbly 2500-2700 Kelvin though

Lower heat 65-70. She’ll love it. Like your set up though. One good way to keep heat down and elec cost is LED I’ve used 4- 5000k 9.5 w

I have a question about lighting. Is ten gavita 1150 watt lights too much for a area of 14 feet by 12 feet? Thanks for any help

It should be just enough light and wattage