My plants had sex

So I had 22 plants and one of them turned out to be a boy and fertilized a bunch of the other plants before I realized what was happening.

So now i can see loads of seeds developing in some of my plants.

So are these seeds plantable? and if so will they yield more plants filled with seeds? If that’s the case I just may purchased feminized seeds rather than go through (what i foresee) is serious deseeding of my plants.

Thanks for any help you can offer

These are regular seeds, regular seeds, when you find a female, actually grows better and has higher yields. If I were in you’d position, I would deseed all of the plants, and store them to grow. You already know the crosses, you’d be surprised at how vigorous those hybrids will grow.


Keep in mind that you will need to keep on top of what you plant. Hermies tend to produce hermies, but covert is right. They will grow nicely when you do get a female.


If I save them and plant them, how will I know which seeds were female and which were male. Is there a way to tell as they grow before or soon after i put them all in the same grow tent or will there be cross pollinazation again? (thanks for getting back)

You’ll just have to keep an eye on them. Most males can be removed before they have the chance to pollinate your other plants.

Here’s how to tell the difference:

If you get a hermie later in flowering it will look like these “bananas”:

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thanks for the info - greatly appreciated